Cape Coral Daily Breeze To The Editor & Opinion Columnsen-usSat, 25 Nov 2017 05:43:49 EDTSat, 25 Nov 2017 05:43:49 EDT Opinion: Where is the legislative accountability for their votes? many believe to be the most egregious legislation ever passed by the Florida Legislature disguised as an "education bill," House Bill 7069 is set to begin wreaking havoc on Florida's Public Schools.Tue, 21 Nov 2017 00:00:00 EDTCity must assure ADA compliance the editor: I work for a disability law firm located at 47th Terrace in Cape Coral, the area being reshaped by the Streetscape Project. I'm not writing to complain about parking space.Tue, 21 Nov 2017 00:00:00 EDTSay no to legal fee reimbursement the editor: The former mayor of Cape Coral wants taxpayers to pay her legal fees? Our great Ms.Tue, 21 Nov 2017 00:00:00 EDTA story Grimm the editor: "Once upon a time" is how most fairy tales start. The letter last Friday by Mr. Moody was written with suspense, drama and riddled with artifice. Mr. Moody must have written for Disney.Tue, 21 Nov 2017 00:00:00 EDTAll volunteer military fosters problems the editor: The nation is recovering from a violent episode initiated by an ex-airman. The 26-year-old man was discharged in 2014 with bad conduct discharge. He (knowingly) worked six weeks as a civilian at a low-level security job.Tue, 21 Nov 2017 00:00:00 EDT