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  1. College costs.
  2. Cost of living.
  3. Job market.
  4. Quality of education.
  5. Lack of life skills.
  6. Their own expectations.
  7. All of the above.
  8. Other.
  1. Pass it.
  2. Still needs work, tweak it.
  3. Worse than what we have — reject it and start over.
  4. Keep Obamacare.
  5. We need a single-payer system.
  6. Other.
  1. Yes.
  2. No, she’s done nothing wrong.
  3. If she doesn’t, the governor should remove her.
  4. She apologized, let’s more on.
  5. Council should censure her for her walk-out
  6. This is a non-issue; she’s leaving in November, just let her finish her term.
  7. Other.
  1. It’s fine; it’s an intermitant weather related problem and not a big deal.
  2. It’s OK, but the city needs a permanent solution to irrigation water shortages.
  3. It’s the wrong solution.
  4. The issue isn’t a water shortage, it’s too much use due to non-native landscaping or overwatering.
  5. Other.
  1. Yes.
  2. Yes. Vape and edible forms should be prohibited as well.
  3. No, voters approved medical marijuana and it was understood the drug is most commonly smoked.
  4. Other.
  1. I support the president’s decisions.
  2. I support the actions but not how the president went about it.
  3. Fine, but what’s next?
  4. I agree with the action in Afghanistan, but not Syria.
  5. agree with the action in Syria, but not Afghanistan
  6. The action was long overdue; we should increase our involvement.
  7. I disagree.
  8. Other.
  1. Yes, it works.
  2. Sometimes, but not this go-around.
  3. No.
  1. Yes, a personal issue.
  2. Yes, a close friend or family member.
  3. No, but I worry about the possibility.
  4. No, although I know people addicted to alcohol or drugs.
  5. No.
  6. Other.
  1. Yes, it would help provide irrigation water in the dry season while helping to mitigate regional flooding.
  2. Maybe, but not unless the state and Lee and Charlotte counties contribute their fair share of the cost.
  3. No, spending an estimated $32-$38 million so people can water their lawns more often is ridiculous.
  4. Other.
  1. I like what I’m hearing.
  2. I’m waiting for more details.
  3. Leave the Affordable Care Act alone.
  4. They need to take their time and do it right.
  5. I’m hoping whatever takes its place is affordable.
  6. Just repeal it and be done with it.
  7. Other.
  1. Always.
  2. Usually.
  3. Sometimes but not this year.
  4. Rarely.
  5. No.
  1. Very conservative.
  2. Conservative.
  3. Close to center.
  4. Very liberal.
  5. Liberal.
  6. Fiscally conservative, socially liberal.
  7. Other.
  1. Yes, I don’t want my tax dollars going toward the services offered.
  2. No, the organization provides essential services to those who need them the most.
  3. The issue isn’t what they do; I believe donations, not tax dollars, are the proper way for not-for-profits to fund programs.
  4. This is not an issue for me.
  5. Other.
  1. Yes, it’s the best way to secure our border.
  2. Maybe, if Mexico pays for it and there are no pass-on costs to U.S. taxpayers.
  3. No, it’s too much money and I don’t believe we can persuade Mexico to fund the total cost.
  4. A better solution would be more border patrol personnel.
  5. Just eliminate sanctuary cities and enforce the current laws.
  6. Make it easier for people to come to the U.S. legally; then there would be no need for a wall.
  7. Other.
  1. It’s about time; glad to see it, hope it’s money well spent.
  2. The expenditure is premature. I would have liked to see a proposal actually come forward first.
  3. The majority landowners should fund the expense of development exploration, not city taxpayers.
  4. The city should not be involved.
  5. Other.
  1. Yes, the entire thing!
  2. Most of it, I made sure to watch the swearing in.
  3. No, but I caught it later.
  4. No.
  5. Other.
  1. Yes, it would look better and increase property values.
  2. No, I don’t want an assessment.
  3. I like the idea of underground lines but am not willing to pay for such a project.
  4. Leave well enough alone.
  5. Other.
  1. Yes, they are higher than neighboring areas.
  2. Yes, but it’s a problem everywhere.
  3. No, they are reasonable for what you get here.
  4. No, they are lower than what one might expect.
  5. The issue isn’t rents, it’s the lack of apartments and smaller units.
  6. The Cape isn’t a low-rent community; I like it that way.
  7. Other.


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