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Have you started to get out and about again?

  1. Yes, with social distancing and other safeguards, including masks.
  2. Yes, with social distancing.
  3. Only when necessary.
  4. On a limited basis, mostly outdoors.
  5. No, it’s too soon.
  6. I never stopped being “out and about;” I had to work.
  7. Other.
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May-14-20 2:26 PM

Numby displaying your classic hate driven ignorance so many times in a row is quite fun to read!! Pls add more!! Those 18 years of French fry has got ya son!! What has the effects of the virus created, spread, and hidden by China have to do with President Trump? How stupid as usual, as always. Open mom's basement window and get some fresh air those litter boxes are piled knee high!

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May-11-20 7:08 PM

Now it has been determined that if you got Corona and we’re lucky enough to survive your life span will be shortened by 11 years if you are male and shortened by 9 years if you are female! Winning!!!! The Orange man’s failure will haunt you long after he is gone!!!!

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May-11-20 8:01 AM

So our fine Trump “mini me” , Gov DeSantis is lying to us! He is forcing the medical community to only report the official number of Corona cases handled by the state labs. This disregards the number cases handled by private labs. The private labs do 90% of the testing!!!!!!! Also he is having the medical examiners record/report to the public the number of deaths by Corona of Florida residents only. Those numbers Do Not include those that died here that are nonresident! He does this so he can falsely claim a lower number of deaths that actually occur!!! What a POS!!!!! Why does the Breeze not report this!!!!

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May-10-20 12:43 PM

This is so true! ......“Many of is have stayed home for two months- an unprecedented act of solidarity- only for Trump to double down on a “plan’ that’s a mix of “ every man for himself” and “die for your employer”!

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May-09-20 1:23 PM

The White House has the best safety precautions on earth yet as of today Trump's personal valet, Pence's press sercretary, Ivanka's personal assistant and 34 Secret Service agents are infected with carona! So who still thinks thinks anything Trump does or says will keep you safe!

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May-08-20 10:20 AM

Very limited until the the herd is culled! It shouldn't be too long though because they are gathering up in clusters now and Darwinism will sort out the worst of the worst in a couple weeks!

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