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Have you been subjected to “road rage”?

  1. Are you kidding? All the time. It’s frightening.
  2. A few times.
  3. More of the angry gesture or refusal to let me merge kind of thing than a threatening situation.
  4. Not really. Some drivers are just jerks. It’s part of being on the road.
  5. Ummm, I’m that driver when the situation warrants.
  6. No.
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Mar-04-20 10:37 AM

ChuckleHead Speaketh ! ! !

BTW, After YOU ! ! !

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Mar-03-20 8:48 AM

Our angry hate monger Bernie woolschdts just can't seem to grow up & stay on subject as he reverts back to childhood. A classic victim of the dreaded "liberal" virus CCRRS (Chronic Cowardly Repetitive Running Syndrome) Bernie, late in life character & manhood development training courses are available FREE for you through Social Services programs locally and in Ft. Myers.

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Mar-02-20 3:06 PM

NBy -- You left out "Lane-Darters" -- the nasties who move into your lane at full speed with but inches to spare ! ! ! . These folk "outshine" your targets by far ! ! !

As far as "rude, selfish and self-centered" are concerned, you have plenty of room to clean up your politics in those respects ! ! !

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Feb-29-20 10:25 AM

Enforcing left lane passing laws and getting rude, selfish, self centered, left lane lowlifes out of the passing lanes would help greatly in reducing accidents and allow traffic to flow. Get out of the way left lane losers! You're holding up the world.

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Feb-29-20 8:25 AM

Chit or get off the pot! If you don't use a turn signal, have no clue where you are going PULL OVER and figure it out...DO NOT slow down to a crawl and crane your neck looking for where it is your going and then cut across three lanes of traffic as if you are the only one on the road!!! Effing morons!

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