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What do you think of President Trump’s actions related to Iran?

  1. I agree. He has taken the proper course of action.
  2. I have mixed feelings.
  3. I disagree.
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Jan-16-20 4:36 PM

Sado Politics --

See : Robert L. Fried: Sado-rightists, sado-leftists and the real American divide

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Jan-15-20 1:14 PM

Innocence, in regard to politics, is NOT a redeeming quality.

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Jan-15-20 6:44 AM

NBy -- It is quite obvious to even the most casual observer that you are in extreme need of taking your own advice NOW ! ! !-- You AND your ILK ! ! !

No anger, NBy -- IT IS STARK FEAR -- For our Nation is currently being operated by those, like you, who clearly should be INMATES of Mental Asylums ! ! !

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Jan-14-20 11:38 AM

NBy -- Please point us to an example of where YOU "discussed" any subject at all rather than simply RAVE about something or someone.

You CAN NOT : It has NOT happened ! ! !

You are on very, VERY soft ground when you bring up IQ , maturity, etc ! ! !

It is generally good to excel, but NOT in being a champion GOOFUS as you at least act to be ! ! !

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Jan-13-20 5:00 PM

NBy -- Check out "Civilized Behavior".

If you profess Christianity, you had best re-read the Good Book ! ! !

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Jan-11-20 7:37 AM

Turns out Democrat National Disgrace Obama's buddies, the Iranian murderers, DID shoot down & kill 175 innocent people. Give em 24 hours notice and then turn AT LEAST 2 major Iranian cities and at least 2 major oil refineries to dust till these world class murdering animals get the message. Thank Democrat National Disgrace Obama for giving these murdering lowlifes 150 BILLION DOLLARS! IN CASH!! To think this PROVEN racist USA hater walks free is an insult to all Americans that love their country and why its vital to stop the cancer of Democrat Communism in the USA. TRUMP 2020! Common Sense.

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Jan-10-20 8:39 PM

The shiite/sunni mixed with Iraqi/Iranian mixed bloodlines that have a 3000 year old history of aggression/suppression will ALWAYS BE IN TURMOIL and the United States HAS NO BUSINESS THERE !!! We need to pull out totally.

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Jan-10-20 10:52 AM

"Leader" ? ? ?

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Jan-10-20 10:13 AM

ABOUT TIME A LEADER STOOD UP AND SAID - "Its Over" and will back it up. GREAT JOB TRUMP!! ABOUT TIME !!Don't agree? Want Iran to keep killing? Want Iran to keep killing Americans? Yes? Then why do u live here in the USA as a parasite? Pack up! We have the largest organized hate group in the USA here already, The Democrat Communist Party - we don't need more faux American supporters of Iranian terrorism here. Or should we keep giving them more money and let them continue to terrorize the World with nukes? What's wrong with you "liberal" wacko's? Do you think their weapons will only kill Republicans? Lol! Lol! TRUMP 2020!! Common SENSE!

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