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Should the city of Cape Coral look to subsidize its municipal charter school system?

  1. Yes, it’s a valuable city program and I have no problem with tax dollars being used to keep it going.
  2. I don’t like the prospect but I don’t see a better option.
  3. No, taxpayers were assured the system would be self-sustaining and Cape property owners would not pay school taxes twice. Make it so or close the schools.
  4. Privatize the system. The city should not be operating a school system.
  5. Other.
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Nov-07-19 5:05 PM

GoPer-Goofies : NUMBERS, Hard Verifiable Numbers COUNT -- NOT Fantasy Opinions from YOU : Floating, Loose-Cannon Coke Heads ! ! !

Aren't they just so cute, flailing aimlessly about ? ? ?

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Nov-07-19 1:41 PM

Blame for poor public education? EASY - "liberals" Communists, Socialists, Feel good PC "liberal" duped and dumbed down cattle posing as people, "liberal" Socialist teacher unions protecting duds and erasing US history from school books. "Liberal" 60's radical holdover "professors" teaching USA hate and disrespect for White skin color to dumbed down high school cell phone zombie pot head ignorant "students". Just like how long term Corrupt Democrat Communist control has ruined our cities the "liberal" Democrat Communists have ruined public education in the USA with the stats to prove it. Any thing else is fantasy nonsense as more and more are waking up to the need to destroy the true cancer of Democrat Communism in America. TRUMP 2020! MAKING AMERICA GREATER THAN EVER!

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Nov-06-19 1:13 PM

Continued from below.

WHERE does the BLAME properly sit ? ? ?

I would like to puit a face on this matter -- In fact, I would naturally like to place the face of a PoliFlavor of the sort mentioned above upon the issue, if possible.

My first clumsy and inadequate attempt to develop this “WHY” statistic revealed that the best performance has overwhelmingly occurred in historically Democrat-controlled states. . This result is neither conclusive NOR final -- but it is thought-provoking, to say the least ! !

What do you think ? ?

An interesting side-issue is that many feel that China has the best Public Education System.

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Nov-06-19 1:12 PM

PaulKiefner -

There is no shortage of statistics on Public Education Success in the World by Nation or in the U S by State, not is there likely any shortage of statistics on the Political Flavors of the World Nations or of the U S States.

Now, what would be very revealing would be a full compilation of U S Public Education Success by State Political Flavor -- PoliFlavor being, say, a weighted 15-year average of the occupancy of State and County Offices by each Political Party.

Statistics have the well-known problem that one can “prove” virtually any desired outcome by the judicious cherry-picking of the data or of the criteria. . One has to depend a lot upon the non-partisan reputation of the developer of any statistics.

Our adversary has attempted to criticize U S Public Education by ranking its outcome amongst those of the other nations : Fair Enough -- But, I ask, WHY is this outcome so -- assuming for the moment that it is in fact so.

Continued . . .

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Nov-06-19 10:03 AM

Here's a few FACTS for the uninformed. US public "education" students are far far behind in reading math and science compared to other poorer countries. The internet will give you the actual horrible numbers so no need to call me names to "prove" their "braveness" behind their keyboards. Here's another FACT. Compared to a high school public ed. grad. say from 1970, todays college grad is quite happily & proudly ignorant and in many many cases completely duped & destroyed by radical 60's "liberal" "professors" that hate the USA and indoctrinate as many as possible with their USA hate. Democrat Communism is a cancer in the USA ruining all that it infects like our ruined cities and public schools.

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Nov-05-19 2:21 PM

Rymm -- Could you season your comment with a few illustrative facts ?

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Nov-05-19 10:27 AM

Sadly, the public school system has been hijacked away from the tests of time. Whatever happened to the basics of reading, writing and mathematics? The train of teaching has left the track and the occupants have departed the vehicle of learning. Subsidy WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

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Nov-02-19 11:44 AM

Note that the Charterees are afraid to answer the question "For Whom" ! !

THAT in itself answers the question ! ! ! . Heh-Heh ! ! !

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Nov-01-19 8:00 PM

Valuable for WHOM ? ? ?

It smells of BigMoney ! ! !

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