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What do you think of the ‘trade war’ with China?

  1. I support President Trump’s efforts. He should hold firm.
  2. I think after the dust clears, it will be resolved with a trade agreement that has some give and take. Let the process work.
  3. Headline crisis du jour.
  4. It may be a good idea in theory, but I’m not willing to pay for it through higher consumer prices.
  5. Ill conceived and ill played. I don’t support the President’s actions.
  6. Other.
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Aug-28-19 6:15 PM

NBy -- Change your batteries ! ! !

I think that you need a new Pointy Hat, too ! ! !

( Mega-Chuckles to Chief ChuckleHead )

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Aug-28-19 8:19 AM

French fry cookers, racist ISIS supporters, "liberal" lunatics and low IQ hate mongers as yourself disagreeing with me causes little concern. The deeper point is disagree all you want - that's easy for any brain dead "liberal" stricken with the "liberal" hate sickness. Showing someone wrong with honest debate, truth and facts is the mark of a thinking man with a brain, not a long term coward as yourself that offers nothing except to show you're too stupid to debate anyone honestly proving once again you're brain dead and completely consumed with hate which you prove with every post. Get help allenwoll. You're such an evil always cowardly old gasbag that lives in a world of hate and self delusion.

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Aug-27-19 6:38 PM

NBy - Well, Li;l Feller : It looks like most folks, being sane, take exception to your views.

You are indeed lots & lots of FUN ! ! !

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Aug-26-19 8:09 AM

TRUMP WINS AGAIN!!! After signing a great new trade deal with Japan yesterday - Today China wants to come (crawl) to the trade table as THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN MODERN US HISTORY turns up the heat on the Rip-off China Commies. AMAZING JOB DONALD TRUMP!! PRESIDENT FOR LIFE!! What a shame for super hypocrite gasbag Chief Ninnypoop AKA allenwoll!

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Aug-25-19 6:07 PM

Seems Chief Ninnypoop aka allenwoll needs a diaper change. Talk about regressing to childhood rapidly. Wow!

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Aug-25-19 5:05 PM

NBy -- Chief Ninnypoop, U S Academy of Credulous Nincompoops !

Thank You, You are Welcome ! !

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Aug-25-19 1:33 PM

While numbnutz sweeps up after hours President Trump inked a new deal with Japan today which will be great for both countries esp. our farmers and ranchers which should help offset any issues raised by continuing to punish the Chinese and their rip-off of America on trade and IT theft on a grand scale. Great Job Trump!! Amazing Guy!!

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Aug-24-19 1:59 PM

Trump? - President, billionaire, and the most powerful man on the planet. Numbnutz? Sweeps up after hours at Mickie D's and lives at home with mom at 51. Who's the moron? lol! About time we get a -real- President standing up to China who steals us blind. Great Job President Trump! Thank You!

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Aug-24-19 6:30 AM

The self proclaimed "stable genius" has shown exactly the opposite with his inability to cope with reality and sees himself as our lord and savior! Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called it right about the "Chosen one" when he said he was a "effing moron"!

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Aug-23-19 11:05 AM

NBy -- I challenge you to explain and justify your comment. . Mine is based on elementary arithmetic.

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Aug-23-19 10:13 AM

How ridiculous, as always. Evil & very disturbed, as always.

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Aug-23-19 8:20 AM

As long as wage and cost of living disparity exists between nations, Global Trade oppresses the People and is therefore evil.

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