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What do your think of President Trump’s official re-election campaign kickoff?

  1. Loved it. Looking forward to another win in 2020.
  2. Election season has begun for both sides. Strong kickoff and I like that he chose Florida for his first re-election rally.
  3. No surprises. Waiting to see who lines up on the other side.
  4. No. No second term.
  5. A second term? He shouldn’t be in office.
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Jun-23-19 9:51 AM

Trump, are you kidding? I want Hiawatha.

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Jun-24-19 4:31 PM

The Nation should offer free Mental Resuscitation to those who favor Trump/Pence ! ! !

It will take a Century or more for America to live down this utter AND silly outrage.

The problem is, that after the XTrump DC-herd is gone, the goofy, dangerous "Trump-Base" remains like a cyst of killer-viruses in our political system. . Those who fail a course of resuscitation need to be at least identified, watched and preferably rendered politically, socially and economically harmless for our future ! ! !

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Jun-26-19 2:29 PM

More used toilet paper childish nonsense from the pro hate monger... Sad old flaccid brained gasbag...AAhhh?? needs yet another diaper change and fresh binky..its cranky again... Poor old stinky.... Great Job President Trump, Without question THE Greatest President in modern history with the accomplishments to prove it!! Thank You Sir Donald!! Another landslide 2020.. Time to take out the low IQ libby hate monger trash.. yet, again!!

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Jun-27-19 9:20 AM

Talk about childish nonsense ! ! ! : Here we have it in 24-carat-style from OurDeadOne, ODO ! ! !

Just WHAT IS IT with this Goofus ? ? ?

What is really, REALLY scary is that there are some more like him out there – But thankfully not as many as before ! ! !

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