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What do you think of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ efforts so far ?

  1. So far, so good!
  2. Better than I expected.
  3. My opinions are mixed.
  4. Too much too soon.
  5. Too soon to tell.
  6. I’m not happy.
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Feb-06-19 4:48 PM

clown news network biggest advertisers Prozac, Blood Pressure pharma companies, you have be on these rx in order to believe their fake news and socialist views...

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Feb-05-19 1:50 PM

Hey don't blame me liiby hypocrites... I'm just the messenger exposing your CNN hypocrisy... If you are too ignorant or gutless to defend your life of hypocrisy.. that's on you... If you depend on a completely corrupted "news media" based on hate doing the work of your own countries enemies and too stupid to realize your cutting your own throats.. that's on you.. If you are soo completely taken in and depend on a "news media" that has ratings lower than a cartoon show and has to walk back most of their hate based lies..that's on you as could stand up for your hypocrisy and ignorance..proudly.. which of course you won't..which says it all.

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Feb-03-19 11:18 AM

Was reading that the Clown News Network came in 13th behind Nickelodeon (cartoons)in the ratings.

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Feb-03-19 11:16 AM

Gillum by his own words an anti-White racist belongs in jail..not on the Clown News Network... The FBI really needs to get him locked up.. but with the current state of the FBI protecting criminals like James Comey and Hillygal Clinton.. I'm not sure it will happen.

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Feb-02-19 5:24 PM

Did you hear the latest …. Gillum got hired as a commentator @ CNN - The most Liberal one-sided news station there ever was. So if he dodges the charges still currently against him, he will be on CNN spewing Liberal hatred.

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Feb-02-19 4:43 PM

THANK GOD and the decent folks of Florida that this man was elected!! After the USA dodged the serial lying power mad criminal disgrace Hillygal bullet... the good people once again spoke and canned the corrupt socialist open borders racist disgrace demoncrat Gillum.. GOOD JOB FLORIDA!!!

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Feb-01-19 9:54 AM

He is doing a fantastic job. His actions speak louder than words.

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