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Should President Trump stand firm on his funding request for a border wall?

  1. Yes.
  2. I favor the wall but I’d like to see some compromise.
  3. No.
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Jan-11-19 4:38 PM

The following comment is from someone who is a friend outside of McAllen, Texas. Read it and tell everyone why you don't want the wall built.

The following was written by a friend of mine along the Texas/Mexico border.Just watched The Arroyo on Netflix. Even tho it's dramatized. This movie gives you an idea of the situation here on the Southern border. Most is fact. Cartels taking over farms, and ranches near the Rio Grande River, telling the land owners to leave, and not return. Personally I was shot at twice several years ago. I was called by a person with a throw away phone, who offered me money for his "Cartel to store illegals in the old ranch house. That didn't happen. Later on I was threatened by a self proclaimed Cartel member. I stuck a 45 in his ear, and he vowed to return. It's been @ 10 years ago, I'm still waiting. The human traffickers have torn up fences, left trash all over one pasture that's in thick brush. What needs to happen is the politicians who were elect

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Jan-11-19 4:41 PM

to represent this country, and protect the citizens are too busy representing their particular party's, and could give two ***** about their oath of office, or the people who elected them. At this time the Border Patrol is rotating agents from other areas to bolster the agents assigned here. The "Brush walkers" last week got by the surveillance balloons, and other devices some politicians think are all that's needed. I doubt that. No remedy is 100% effective, but something more needs to be done. Both parties need to put aside their "My schjong is bigger than yours" attitudes, and get to work on solving this dangerous situation, lives, and well being of we Norte Americanos, who live on the border, and states North of here. That's my opinion, and experience.

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Jan-11-19 4:57 PM

The wall is nothing but a Trump fantasy.

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Jan-11-19 6:46 PM

To those that disagree with what my friend wrote and I posted. He is an honorable man, Vietnam Vet and retired LEO from that area. He is also of Mexican decent and has traced his family all the way back to Spain. What he wrote is the unadulterated truth for him. He is not alone either. He feels the wall must be built now.

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Jan-12-19 9:20 AM

grumpy19 - These "snowflakes" DON'T like to hear the truth. They have been brainwashed into believing that "Open Boarders" are the way to go. If they lived closer to the actual border, they wouldn't be as naïve.

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Jan-12-19 10:46 AM

lawmajor: They should all go to where this person has his ranch and live there for 6 months. He's had a lot of other posts about things going on such as, his fence was cut and he found markers tied to bushes to mark paths for the illegals. He called CBP and they tracked and apprehended 4 illegals. That is just another incident to tell us we need the fence. They also need to look to Europe and see how their open borders worked.

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Jan-12-19 11:41 AM

The shutdown is the result of the Orange Turd's made up "crisis" and the Republican inability to govern. End of story.

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Jan-13-19 9:25 AM

Numbbrain - The crisis at the border is real and is only going to get worse. As we speak, there is yet another caravan that has formed with even more people than the last one. The continued shut-down is because the Democrats refuse to stay in Washington and solve the problems. Where's Nancy and Chuck vacating/visiting while Trump hasn't left the White House since visiting the troops overseas. Hawaii first & then yesterday watching a play in Puerto Rico! They don't care about the government workers that haven't gotten paid. What a pathetic bunch they are. IMHO They all should be forced to stay in Washington without receiving a paycheck until a resolution is made.

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Jan-13-19 12:37 PM

Law – The crisis is as fake as dear leader’s tan. Another caravan? What happened to the other caravan? You know the one Trump was screaming about before the election and not a peep after! Oh yeah they made to a legal point of entry, legally applied for asylum and was turned away. Nancy and Chuck, as well as the Turtle Mitch, are still waiting to hear whatever dear leader would sign off on…(crickets…crickets). Guess Agent Orange is waiting for orders from his boss..Putin! And thank God Trump actually (finally) saw our troops! It only took two years! Those bone spurs must have really been bothering him! You are right on one thing though, what a pathetic bunch this administration is!

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Jan-14-19 8:31 AM

Law - Putin cannot believe how well his plans with Agent Orange are working out! Ripping NATO allies apart...check. Tearing the fabric of America apart...check. Compromising a political party...check. Diminishing America's role in world affairs....check. Creating chaos in Wall Street and our legal system...check. Stoke the fire of racism...check. And to think all he had to do was buy a few condos off a useful idiot and get him to launder some money!!!!! Brilliant!!!!

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Jan-15-19 8:47 AM

The only way this shutdown will end is when Vlad allows Trump to end it!

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Jan-15-19 9:28 AM

THE FRIES ARE BURNING NUBBE!!You're gonna get fired again!! Stop by Wal-Mart and buy some proof for your childish cowardly seems you don't have always... Get back to us. How pathetic..

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Jan-15-19 10:41 AM

numb - The only way this shutdown will occur is when the DEMS get back to Washington and are forced to remain in Washington until a conclusive is reached. Did you watch the 30+ elected DEMS partying with lobbyist who flew them there on a private plane to Puerto last weekend. So inspiring!!! 10 days on the job and they needed a vacation!!!!! NONE of them should receive a pay check until this is resolved. What a PATHETIC group! I have Democratic friends who are seriously considering changing their party status to Independent.

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Jan-17-19 2:12 PM

we finally have a president that is a non-politician and does not kiss any ass, at the end of his term whether is 4 or 8 yrs he will go back a be a productive working american and not a sucking money career politician, why would ppl spend all this money on home security cameras monitoring ect, home insurance car insurance car alarm ect. but when it comes to our nation security they look the other way.... oepn all your doors and window at let everyone in your house for free.... HYPOCRITES ...

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Jan-17-19 6:11 PM

Looks like Pelosi's 7-day excursion to Egypt, Brussels & Afghanistan has been cancelled. The Speaker of The House SHOULD remain in Washington until an agreement of some-sort can be made. Worker don't have money for rent & food and the DEMS are looking to travel & party. The really don't seem to care. Kudos to TRUMP for cancelling her trip.

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