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Should the city of Cape Coral continue its program of allowing extended weekend hours for bars in the South Cape?

  1. Yes. I have no or little issue with the 3 a.m. closing time.
  2. Yes, but more conditions are needed.
  3. Maybe, I need more information.
  4. No.
  5. Bars, like other businesses, should be able to set the hours that work for them.
  6. This is not an issue for me.
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Jan-10-19 3:14 PM

Keepers of the Dixie Roadhouse sitting as City Counsel need to apologize to the citizens of Cape Coral for having disregarded expert input as to the problems associated with extended bar hours. This was a failure of city government for disregarding the safety of city citizens by passing this extension of the bar hours. They knew it and passed it anyway because of obvious backdoor rewards.

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Jan-09-19 9:42 AM

ERoberts - The Dixie Roadhouse will do everything in their power NOT to allow Back Streets to be the only fulltime bar participating in the extra drinking hours on Friday's & Saturday's. Let's face it, the ordinance brought forward to allow the extended bar hours was for the sole purpose of "more money in the pockets of the owners of The Dixie Roadhouse." They would rather see it totally cancelled than to allow Back Streets to make more money.

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Jan-08-19 5:49 PM

Missing from this list of options is:

"Should the city of Cape Coral continue its program of allowing extended weekend hours for bars in the South Cape, except for Dixie, which abused the privilege?"

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Jan-08-19 3:12 PM

The KEEPERS of The Dixie Roadhouse serving on the DIAS were WELL WARNED of this type of response to EXTENDED HOURS OF OPERATION. Let's see if they PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE to the citizens of Cape Coral for having IGNORED EXPERT DIALOGUE against EXTENDED HOURS.

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Jan-08-19 9:30 AM

Listen to the police not in the pocket puppet politicians. Late night drunks = Late night trouble.

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Jan-07-19 4:51 PM

To the average person going to the average bar, this isn't a problem. But, in this istance, it is. We're talking about Dixie Roadhouse which continually exercises poor judgement. They've a very bad reputation locally for overserving intoxicated people, and allowing criminal elements into their establishment despite several warnings from the police. These are the ingredients of a public safety nightmare which can cost lives. It resulted in a violent brawl which put people and property at risk. Quite frankly, if these horrible things weren't happening I personally wouldn't care how late they stay open. But, we need to have a way to penalize these establishments when they exercise poor judgement in safety and hospitality. If it were up to me, and they keep having these problems, I'd move to have their liquor license removed, and any other leverage to get them to move somewhere else. We don't need these public safety issues in our community. The other 2 comments below are absolutely right

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Jan-07-19 9:27 AM

PUBLIC SAFETY needs to be "top priority"! QUOTE from WINK news today "Chief Newlan said the bar attracted the wrong crowds of people + The fight that took place in front of the bar in December required 13 officers to subjugate the chaos, compromising the safety of other parts of Cape Coral. This is only ONE of SEVERAL incidences pertaining to The Dixie Roadhouse.

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Jan-04-19 9:42 PM

The question should be: Can this Mayor & council be trusted to make an unbias decision regarding reinstating the extended bar hours for the Dixie Roadhouse? More than 1/2 of this council are personal friends with both Pippinger & Townsend (The LLC which owns The Dixie) & more than 1/2 of council have accepted generous election campaign donations from this LLC. QUESTION: How many of those seated on the dais threw their victory celebrations at The Dixie?? SEVERAL! Bottom line: Our Police Chief suspended their permit due to NUMEROUS situations that caused immediate & serious danger to public safety. Our City Council should put aside their personal friendships & stand by our Police Chief. Time to show concern with our public safety. Should be interesting to see what is more important.

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