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Should the Senate Judiciary Committee proceed with its vote regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh?

  1. Yes, as scheduled.
  2. Proceed to a vote as scheduled unless the accuser agrees to testify.
  3. No. The sexual assault allegation raises too many questions. More information is needed.
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Sep-27-18 8:32 AM

The Disagreers live in their own custom GoPer-World, fully isolated from reality -- where most of us live.

They likely will have to look up "reality".

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Sep-23-18 7:20 AM

DrC -- SUBVERT ? ? -- NOT possible, for the GoPers have ALREADY DONE SO -- With MONEY ! ! ! ! ! !

WHERE have YOU been ? ? ?

"Representational Democracy" is an utter FRAUD in the presence of FLOODS of Political Money ! ! !

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Sep-21-18 5:28 PM

Diane F should resign

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Sep-21-18 4:15 PM

Its all politics, no different than the Senate denying Obama his right to appoint a judge. I hope they delay this until mid November. Let the voters decide!

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Sep-21-18 3:17 PM

The Democrats have become political terrorists...They are trying to subvert our political system...

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Sep-21-18 3:13 PM

Christine is likely to be blown up at next week's hearing. She cannot remember when Kavanaugh allegedly tried to get her to take her swim suit off. She cannot remember where she was when Kavanaugh allegedly put his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming (an odd thing to do for someone who is very intoxicated Posted at 10:49 PM in As The Borg Turns, Publius Tacitus | Permalink

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