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Should the U.S. separate children from parents caught crossing the border illegally?

  1. Yes, it’s the law.
  2. Maybe, but only if the child or children appear to be endangered.
  3. Maybe, but only if the child or children have an alternative family caretaker who can take custody.
  4. No, this is not the way to discourage illegal boarder crossings.
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Jun-21-18 7:41 AM

Let the kids come in, take them and sell them to the highest bidder. Children 2-6 years old will sell at a premium because they will not remember where they came from, older kids sell at a discount since they will require more effort to keep under control. Everyone benefits, kids, buyers, taxpayers and bleeding heart liberals. I will take two of each Thanks.

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Jun-10-18 6:05 AM

NoBy -- I think that you should take your OWN advice regarding meds ! ! !

Oh, Be sure to take a gander at the cover of the current issue of TIME Magazine ! ! !

The problem is that along with a profound lack of Common Sense, neither you nor The Seafood have even a twinge of shame ! ! !

"Hang Down Your Head . . . "

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Jun-09-18 3:17 PM

Its amazing to see allenwoll's mind continue to break down soo rapidly, eaten up with anger, constantly needing to lash out at others. Need to increase the medications and seek anger management counseling. Getting worse weekly.

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Jun-09-18 8:09 AM

It would be better to deport the Seafood-ites, STOP sending our economy offshore to China and give the employment to those who need it HERE in the USA ! ! !

Of course, THAT might reduce Oligarchian $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ! ! !

The Money-Grubers are indeed sad excuses for human beings ! ! !

Seafood just wants to be a Nobleman under King Trumpy ! ! !

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Jun-08-18 10:46 AM

Build the wall Double it and build it TALL! Want to come to the USA legally? Great! Illegal invaders stay out. USA first for a change. The real criminals are Democrats who welcome illegal invaders as future "on the Democrat dole" voters and want open borders caring nothing about their fellow citizens who often fall victim to illegal invaders on a daily basis, Nationwide.. Not to mention the HUGE financial burden on Americans. What kind of "American" would a President be to sue his own States for enforcing US State and Federal border laws? What kind of despicable sick traitor? Who would do such a disgraceful thing to American citizens? Easy - A Democrat criminal disgrace named Barack O'Sharpton Jr. Build the wall and keep Democrats out of our government, schools and churches.

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Jun-08-18 10:05 AM

We wouldn't have to worry about this if we "Build the Wall" and only allow individuals to enter LEGALLY. It's time to discourage individuals from coming here illegally. Take for example what happens when the tables are turned. Try crossing the border illegally into Mexico and see the warm welcome you will get. Let's just say, you would be greeting with "open Arms", free housing, free schooling, food stamps etc. STOP trying to make the USA the "BAD GUYS" here. The USA is NOT the criminal here, it's the individuals crossing into our country illegally. If they can't follow laws to enter our country, what makes you think they are going to follow the laws once they step foot over the board????

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