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Should bar hours in the South Cape ‘hospitality zone’ be extended on Friday and Saturday nights from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m.?

  1. Yes, hospitality or entertainment zones are neither unproven nor unique.
  2. If it can be demonstrated that the benefits will exceed any costs for the extra two hours per week, sure.
  3. Maybe, on a “pilot program” basis.
  4. No.
  5. Other.
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Mar-19-18 8:39 PM

In appreciation, Perhaps The Dixie Roadhouse could place a bronze status of CM Carioscia outside the establishment. After all, birds need a place to hang out too! What a pathetic bunch on council! How many deaths before one of them drum up enough guts to attempt to rein in this ordinance? If this bar was making so much money, as well as Shannon Yates, then why are all the taxpayer paying for the CRA establishments to line their pockets? Mike Hollow was right when he said that this Mayor was only interested in helping the CRA district. What about all the other areas of the Cape. YES, they too pay taxes.

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Mar-19-18 7:38 PM

SHAME ON THEM! After watching tonight's council meeting vote, all should now be convinced that this council is bought and paid for by The Dixie Roadhouse & it's affiliates. As I stated days ago, Carioscia knew he had the vote prior to bringing this vote forward. He had 3 of his fellow 3 newbies in his pocket & it showed tonight. The Dixie is an LLC - meaning they have limited liability if and when something some wrong. They can close and open somewhere else without incurring much expense. The tax payers of Cape Coral will be on the hook if and when something goes wrong. Nice to see that 1 councilmen had the guts to standup for public safety.

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Mar-18-18 10:56 AM

I thought the definition of insanity was... oh never mind

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Mar-18-18 9:48 AM

Now that's funny. An "ECONOMIC BOOM" in Cape Coral because we have 2 dive bars open until 3am? He is looking to push it until 4am and make it permanent. Where else can you roll out of bed in lounge pants and walk into either of the 2 bars, not feeling uncomfortable and with nobody giving it a second though. Anywhere else in SW Florida, you dress up to go out. You actually care about how you look. To bad this is NOT the case in Cape Coral. This will hold us back from becoming a destination town. We are more of a "college town", home to drive bars.

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Mar-18-18 9:39 AM

He is out in 2018, so he has to get it pushed through as quickly as possible because his real game is to permanently extend the bar hours. I was told that during the 2017 election campaign he discussed this with at least 3 of the candidates, who he later supported and gave donations to. The fix is in! He has 3 of the newbies onboard, so he only has to convince/intimidate 1 more council person.

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Mar-18-18 9:36 AM

District 2 Council Member John Carioscia SHOULD KNOW BETTER, he is a retired police officer.

Additional information by former Cape Coral Police Chief Bart Connelly reported increased numbers of DUIs, batteries, arrests and other calls for service in the south Cape during the first nine months of the trial period.

Should the city leaders put ECONOMICS ABOVE SAFETY? Cariosca is predicting an " ECONOMIC BOOM “. It’s an INTERESTING CONUNDRUM full of sound and fury, told by idiots.

Should any Council member that accepted campaign contributions from any venue within the Cape Coral CRA, RECUSE THEMSELVES from any Ordinance or Resolution that affects the venue from which the councilperson accepted a campaign contribution? Did any council member receive and accept contributions for their campaign from any bar owner within the CRA?

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Mar-18-18 9:33 AM

It keeps coming back because of CM Carioscia's refusal to drop the issue. With all that is going on in this city, he is wasting time & money on a twice voted down issue. WHY??? IMHO, I feel he & a few others on council should recluse themselves based on "Conflict of Interest". How many of them took campaign donations from The Dixie LLC or their affiliates? How many of them are personal friends of the owner Lynn Pippenger & How many of them or their families have accepted free drinks? Something is NOT KOSHER here. Why did this become a PRIORITY?

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Mar-17-18 10:31 PM

Why does this question keep coming back? We said no! We meant no! We still say NO! Get it, or get out!

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Mar-16-18 1:38 PM

What happened to "Honesty is the Best Policy"? - Time for someone to reveal the truth on why this ordinance is being rushed through + shoved down our throats. EX CM Jim Burch was an honest man. He openly stated "Nothing good happens after 12". This city is knowingly opening us up for law suits. Layers will make a killing. With the uptick of DUI's already here in the Cape, this councils solution is "more booze"! How can anyone on council justify why the taxpayers should pay $158,000 for the police presence for these 2 bars??? We were once referred to as Cape Comma & now we are being called "CAPE CORRUPT". Proud moment for this Mayor & council. IMHO - It's already a done deal. Monday's council meeting is nothing but a charade/farce.

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