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What do you think of the school safety legislation that imposes some restrictions on gun purchases while allowing some teachers and staffers to be armed?

  1. Gov. Scott should sign it.
  2. I like raising the age of purchase, the three-day waiting period and other gun control provisions but not the “school guardian program” to allow teachers with duties outside the classroom and other staffers to be trained and armed.
  3. I like the limited on-campus carry provision but not the gun control aspects.
  4. I like the additional funding for armed school resource offices and for mental health services but not gun control or allowing some staffers to carry guns.
  5. Gov. Scott should veto it.
  6. Other.
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Mar-10-18 9:51 AM

All Gun Owners should be required to donate one month of their time per year PER GUN toward public Protection via participation in a "Well-Regulated Militia".

THAT is very 2nd-Friendly ! !

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Mar-10-18 6:29 PM

The Disagreer below has furnished us a simply beautiful example of Gunnie Hypocrisy ! ! !

"Good" Work, son ! ! !

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Mar-10-18 7:39 PM

The first amendment right to "LIFE" out weighs the right to purchase mass murder weapons.

A teacher or staffer with a gun, who is half a bubble off, could use their weapon to make a point about their miserable love life, dire economic situation, recent poor classroom evaluation, unpopularity with peers,frustration with students,etc. and go postal in the classroom.

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Mar-13-18 10:28 AM

Like a truck, pressure cooker or an abortion clinic? Democrat destroyed national borders letting in TONS of drugs killing thousands yearly? Which mass murder weapons are u speaking of? Could u be more specific

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Mar-15-18 11:43 AM

The only reason drugs come into the U S A is because people here buy them. . One strong causative factor in this traffiking is the destruction of our civilization by RethugliConicans -- by their outsourcing our economy in order to squeeze out the last possible cent of profit -- while bestowing widespread economic hopelessness among the masses ! ! !

"Great Job" there, RethugliConicans ! ! !

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