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What can be done to address school shootings?

  1. Gun control. Period. It’s time.
  2. Ban weapons that fall into the “assault rifle” category.
  3. More stringent gate-keeping. Access to school campuses needs to be strictly limited.
  4. t’s not only school campuses; metal detectors everywhere crowds gather.
  5. More and better access to mental health care.
  6. There is no single or simple answer. Violence as a way of expression has permeated our society.
  7. Other.
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Feb-22-18 4:12 PM

Tell it all to the Survivors and their families -- If you have the guts to face them, eye-to-eye ! ! !

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Feb-21-18 8:10 PM

No, its not about quibbling. Its about getting correct info out to folks and monitoring and correcting your purposeful "liberal" lies and ignorance. Obviously you aren't equipped with enough facts to be able to logically discuss any issue concerning guns. Now on top of that..if you like guns you must have Russian ties?? How pathetic...lololol..Get help!! Complete libby breakdown in progress.

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Feb-21-18 12:09 PM

It appears that we may ell need to deeply investigate our Gun-Apologists for ties (overt or naive) to foreign subversive interests, primarily Russia -- Follow the money. . I expect that the results might well prove to be veeery interesting ! ! !

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Feb-21-18 10:13 AM

Quibble, quibble : AR-15 and the like, whatever you choose to name them.

There simply is no legitimate civilian need for any kind of "enhanced" or semi-automatic weapon, period ! ! ! . A woefully perverted "Desire" does NOT constitute a legitimate "need" ! ! !

Thankfully, Our young folk are NOT swallowing your garbage and instead they are properly labeling it full BS.

A bullet wound in you or in your classmate (let alone his death) does incline one to sift his values ! ! !

The NRA worships only $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ! ! !

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Feb-21-18 9:09 AM

Again another libby no-nothing spouting ignorance. We have no civilian automatic weapons. Outlawed years ago. Wake up. Al Capone died long ago in case no one told you after the coma. Automatic weapons? No even an issue in the USA... What has this current off kilter rant to do with school shootings by wack jobs? -0- lolololol SOOOO typical. What does this have to do with common sense school security? -0-Automatic weapons?? Poor old things.. "liberals" lololol Go Trump, join the NRA today and continue to fight liberal ignorance and control.

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Feb-20-18 6:14 PM

Gun Confiscation ? : You dream ! !

What I have in mind is making the possession, sale, transport or manufacture of AUTOMATIC weapons a Capital Offense for civilians ! ! ! What is more, establish a Bounty system for the Whistle-Blowers.

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Feb-20-18 5:51 PM

Listen to the Gunnies SQUEAK,

Listen to the Gunnies SQUIRM, . . .

The Second was promulgated by folk who had NO IDEA what the future held ! ! !

No one cares about that rubbish -- We instead value the lives of the children ! ! !

Listen to the Gunnies SQUEAK,

Listen to the Gunnies SQUIRM, . . .

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Feb-20-18 8:10 AM

Sadly due to the complete failure (again) of the FBI we have children dead. We protect everything but schools with armed security...should have been started 10 years ago. Coward shooters thrive in PC snowflake gun free zones and either kill themselves or give up when confronted by an armed cop or citizen. Join the NRA today and keep libby lunatics away from our rights. Lifetime NRA memberships make great gifts and by all means get the kids out and teach them the proper use of firearms. The new shooting range in Cape Coral is top notch. Never forget the Holy Grail of lying libby hypocrite lunatics is total gun confiscation. Never forget the greatest enemies of the USA, free speech, and our rights are "liberal" loons and a fully corrupt "liberal" controlled news media that we have now. Join the NRA Today and Go Trump!! 3 terms!!

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Feb-20-18 7:57 AM

It's not about gun control. That is a knee jerk reaction.See:*****://thetheamericanconstitutionalist.blogspot****/2018/02/we-are-responsible-this-is-what-we.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed:+Theamericanconstitutionalist+(TheAmericanConstitutionalist)

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Feb-20-18 7:50 AM

No one cares. Move to Australia. Our country will be better off. Join the NRA today and keep libby lunatics away from our rights.

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Feb-18-18 1:20 PM

How does one go about disagreeing with a verifiable FACT ? ? ?

ImO doing so is symptomatic of some difficulties upstairs.

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Feb-16-18 4:05 PM

(USA) statistics-- eight deadly school shootings in the first seven weeks of this year -- will not be enough to move anybody in this cult. And it's no matter that we have the perfectly good example of Australia, where for over 20 years we've watched the rapid decline in gun deaths. This is due to new, strict laws put into place after a mass shooting in Tasmania that left 35 people dead. The government bought back or confiscated over a million firearms, and there has been no mass shooting in Australia since. - - - Jay Parini

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Feb-16-18 1:06 PM

760,000 citizens die each year from medical malpractice- Ban Medicine. 40-50 thousand citizens die each year on our roads, more than half are drunk on alcohol- ban cars and drunks. 480,000 die of alcohol related medical conditions, although a good thing,- ban alcohol. On track to kill 40,000 plus this year with pharmaceutical narcotics- ban Big Pharma. Gun deaths are just high profile, shall will deal with the real issues?

No one has ever died from natural cannabis although half of all incarcerations are for cannabis, ban Industrial prison system while were at it.

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