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Would the elimination of on-street parking on S.E.?47th Terr. affect your decision to patronize businesses there?

  1. Yes, parking convenience is a priority.
  2. No, I don’t mind walking a bit and I like the idea of wider sidewalks and a prettier district.
  3. Maybe. It would depend on how close other parking is to where I’m going.
  4. This issue doesn’t affect me.
  5. Other.
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Oct-08-17 7:16 PM

thats the whole enchilada.

It was poorly designed by incompetent greedy morons with out a vision for the future.

It will never recover from this mess because you'd have to tear the whole place down and start over.

That will never happen so they will keep on wasting taxpayer money but it will always remain Cape Crappy.

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Oct-08-17 12:41 PM

ERoberts: Downtown wasn't botched at all. Remember, it was created back in the late 50's and 60's. That is the design of that time. The only way to change it is to tear it all down and redesign it. That is not possible though.

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Oct-06-17 1:31 PM

I didn't mean that it doesn't make any difference to someone who shops there. I meant that it isn't going to erase the fact that SE Cape was completely botched from the outset, and parking or not isn't going to fix it. Spend money where it counts, in other parts of the city that still stand a chance to be nice. Polishing that turd is a waste of money and resources.

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Oct-06-17 9:17 AM

A loss of almost 120 street side parking spaces will definitely negatively affect businesses. People, want easy access to services especially in a hot, humid, and wet environment. Carry out service is a large part of many businesses.

This project is supposed to be an Economic Developement asset, not the opposite. The loss of street side parking will definitely negatively affect carryout businesses and restaurants.

Lastly, make it pretty, fix the sidewalks, remove vegetation that has destructive root systems, add nice lighting etc, but leave the ability for street side parking alone.

Also, what about handicapped access??? Are they expected to walk an extra 50-100 yards to go to a restaurant? Another loss for business.

I think the street side parking should remain in effect, to eliminate it will be a HUGE, and probably costly, mistake.

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Oct-06-17 7:57 AM

Parking makes a big difference to those who can't walk any distance. What about the elderly who patronize many of the businesses along there. Are they being thrown to the curb? What about those who are physically challenged? Their money is just as good as the other residents. The design is one of the worst I've ever seen. We don't need bulb outs that serve no purpose. They show valet parking stations in 2 locations. Who pays for the insurance that would be required?

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Oct-05-17 9:29 PM

Why go down to that mess when there's so many better places to go in The Cape? Parking doesn't make any difference.

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