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Should the city of Cape Coral be involved in the issue of seawall repair?

  1. Yes, directly; it affects more than the homeowners who lost their seawalls in Hurricane Irma.
  2. Yes, by providing the option of third-party loans as per the action Council took Monday.
  3. Maybe. If canal front property owners want to tax themselves for a seawall maintenance program, it might be worth consideration for the future
  4. No. Seawalls are private property no different that roofs or screened lanais. It’s a homeowner responsibility.
  5. Other.
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Oct-04-17 12:45 PM

grmpy -- Have you folk out there got some Reading Comprehension Problems ? ? ? . Apparently ! ! !

Seawalls on ADJOINING properties are necessarily a JOINT responsibility : They CAN NOT be effectively repaired piecemeal. . The entire continuous structure must be made sound -- else ALL will eventually and inevitably fail ! ! ! ! ! !


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Oct-02-17 3:06 PM

allenwoll: Where is it personal greed to object to others paying for damage to others property. I own my home and take personal responsibility for it and any repairs needed. You buy a house on a canal, you know the seawall is yours. Now you need to pony up for the repair/replacement.

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Oct-01-17 4:53 PM

It sure would have been appropriate for our Mayor to share the letter from Marco Rubio as related to the PACE Financial Co.(Seawall, etc. private funding.) Only in this particular matter I would have to take the Mayor's side regarding her decision to vote NO. As stated by several others, I am not willing in any way help pay for private property owners and their devastation unless they pay for mine and everyone else who had tremendous losses including damage to their health. Of course, this is a serious matter, but we have not even begun to learn of the true entire picture as related to the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

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Sep-30-17 1:57 PM

Note that well over 50% of the respondents to this issue display nearly complete ignorance and thoughtlessness toward the equities involved and let only PERSONAL GREED guide them : Pity ! ! ! I refer to Item d.

No wonder our Nation is in its present sharp DECLINE. . We get what we deserve ! ! !

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Sep-30-17 1:45 PM

Seawalls are unique in that they are necessarily a joint responsibility for ADJOINING properties. . Neglect ONE and ALL are neglected in a storm.

The Owners of such properties must be required to take responsibility for the maintenance and the repair of the entire continuous seawall, by the foot.

The City should take ZERO role (per djrl) except to see that proper contracts are entered by all concerned.

Alas, the lawyers will salivate ! !

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Sep-29-17 11:41 AM

NO NEVER NONO. They can't even keep a decent paving job on the roads, you don't want the clowns building Sea walls.

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Sep-29-17 10:16 AM

The real question is: Does this City really want to involve themselves in any/all home/property repairs that are caused by "Act's of God"? There are so many other homeowners that DO NOT reside on canals that are also hurting & need funds to help them replace & rebuild. Let's face facts. We are all out money from this storm. Even the homeowners with little to no damage that evacuated & paid for hotels/food, lost power & therefore lost all their food in their fridge/freezer & had to eat out, had to buy boards/shutters, had to pay to have them installed & taken. It's NOT just homeowners with seawall issues that are hurting!! This city SHOULD NOT get to pick and choose which "Act's of God" they will assist in. Seawall's were the homeowner's responsibility prior to this storm, & they should remain so.

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