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Has Hurricane Irma helped or hindered the city council primary election?

  1. Helped, the new Oct. 3 election date provided an opportunity to see how candidates reacted to the crisis.
  2. Hindered, voters are more focused on post-storm issues now.
  3. It didn’t matter; it’s simply a new date.
  4. It doesn’t affect me, I’m not planning to vote
  5. Other.
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Sep-26-17 4:09 PM

" I am Councilman John Carioscia Sr."

You bums at City Hall just want to pass on the cost for the rich guy's Sea Walls on to the erst of the tax payer's.

Those of us with out Sea Walls are not going to pay to repare the Sea Walls for your rich Buddies.

If you own a Sea wall you fix it on your own dime not the taxpayers dime.

You bunch of Low life moocher's

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Sep-24-17 4:39 PM

CM Carioscia - FACT: Seawalls are the responsibility of homeowners, NOT something you should be involving the city in. Because your neighbors have issues with their seawalls, doesn’t mean that the City should involve itself. FACT: homes in your area are side by side & therefore are more difficult to conduct repairs & in your case, homeowners who’s seawall did NOT collapse, but have had walls on either side of theirs collapse, are now fearful of the additional stress on their standing seawall. That said FEMA is offering low interest loans to individuals who’s insurance doesn’t cover repairs which occurred by the hurricane. You need to remain neutral & tell the homeowners that it's their responsibility to repair their seawalls & suggest that they call FEMA for assistance.

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Sep-24-17 4:03 PM

Screen name TWT, F Lawmajor or which-ever screen name you have chosen to use today. Don't you just hate it when individuals speak of themselves as a third party????? Don't you also agree that someone who complains about having their "good name" smeared, might want to verify just how good their name is prior to making that statement.

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Sep-24-17 12:59 PM

Screen Name lawmajor. I am Councilman John Carioscia Sr. I am getting text messages from friends and family about Breeze posts where you keep mentioning that I have seawall damage and you are posting "He doesn't want to pony-up and pay out of pocket for his repairs,instead he is DEMANDING the City to cut a check for seawalls in the Cape." What you are saying and spreading is an out right lie. Yes, I am trying to help all the citizens of the Cape, to receive what ever financial assistance that they can get, but I am not one of them because my sea wall is fine. Please stop demeaning my Official City work intentions, goals or my good name with your derogatory, misleading and undermining lies. You are smearing me. You have been warned.

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Sep-23-17 10:27 AM

It certainly helped PROVE my point regarding Jennifer Nelson being in the tank for Carioscia. Check out her response for this weeks question of the week. She isn't worried or concerned with the lack of shelters in Cape Coral, but she (who doesn't reside on the water & therefore dock issues should be the last time on her mind), is out there championing for Carioscia who is attempting to get the City to write a check for the seawall damages in his area. He doesn't want to pony-up and pay out of pocket for his repairs, instead he is DEMANDING the City to cut a check for seawalls in the Cape!!! You just can't make up this crap!!! Could everyone PLEASE tell him that his seawall is "His responsibility", not ours. It was his choice to live on the water. Everything in life has it's Pro's & Cons. It's time for him to stop with the whining and call HONC.

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Sep-22-17 10:40 AM

I knew it sonore or later Even you See the light Wolly there is hops for you yet.

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Sep-22-17 8:07 AM

DISSOLVE the City ! ! !

END Corruption -- AND Stupidity ! ! !

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