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How prepared were you for Hurricane Irma?

  1. Very well, including a generator.
  2. Pretty well, we had plenty of gas, water, food and flashlights.
  3. OK, but we ran out of ice and were worried about fuel.
  4. We weren’t prepared, unfortunately.
  5. We didn’t prepare, we left.
  6. Other.
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Sep-19-17 11:22 PM

I spent two nights in the Alico Arena Shelter with my pet and came out so exhausted that I have STILL not recovered -- Granted that as an old geezer at 84, I was not too spry going in.

The experience can be summed up as virtually zero sleep and little food. However, everyone behaved well ! !

Using an existing venue as a shelter is counterproductive : Shelters need to be purpose-designed and built and then funded as part of the cost of living here -- given that the outlook is for their much more frequent necessity. . Climate Deniers should be given the right to opt-out.

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Sep-16-17 6:52 PM

The city government totally dropped the ball as usual. But our esteemed major was on MSNBC promoting the wonderful city of Cape Crappy and even got ****Y with the guy interviewing her. They are all incompetent in this city VOTE THEM OUT VOTE THEM ALL OUT

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Sep-16-17 9:33 AM

Given the size of Cape Coral, how can you possibly advise a "Mandatory Evacuation" at 1:00PM on a Saturday and expect that many people to jump into their cars and head north, knowing full-well about the gas shortages and/or NO GAS available at the majority of the gas stations. Had everyone jumped into their cars to drive North, these individuals would have been stranded on the highways in their cars!!!! No chance what-so-ever! Sitting ducks! Then there was the issue of hotels. They were all booked with individuals from the east coast that fled from The Keys. With such short notice, many CC residents figured they had a better chance if they stayed inside their homes and rode it out. We definitely escaped the bullet this time around, but we may not be as fortunate the next time. We can NOT bank on getting lucky each and every time we hear of a hurricane coming.

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Sep-15-17 7:52 PM

I thought I was well prepared, including a generator, but was told to evacuate due to storm surge, so I left town. Cape Coral was NOT prepared as they only had ONE shelter available!!! If they are attempting to get people and businesses to come to the Cape, they should have better arrangements in the event of a disaster like we just had. One shelter for this many people just doesn't cut it!!!

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