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Should the portrait of Robert E. Lee hanging in the County Commission Chambers be removed?

  1. Yes, take it down
  2. No, leave it up
  3. Replace it with Lee in civilian clothing.
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Aug-31-17 4:25 PM

twt - That would require you to move. Does that mean you are moving??? LOL You fool nobody. You continue to embarrass yourself. I sincerely hope that if Erbrick doesn't move forward, I hope she becomes a watchdog and that she brings down the corruption that she is undoubtedly privy to but currently can't do anything about. Some on council might have more to worry about if she doesn't make it past the primaries! Gotha love it!!!

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Aug-31-17 2:47 PM

BTW, since Stout is telling anyone and everyone who will listen that "she is not going to seek reelection," I just may run for her seat.

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Aug-31-17 2:45 PM

Erbrick will be gone in September, Leon in November. How sweet it is...

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Aug-31-17 12:50 PM

TWT - Just curious .... Two weeks ago you were on these forums, once again putting down CM Leon and poking fun at him because he received a speeding ticket. At that time, you certainly were NOT saying that ""Public Officials should get a pass when it comes to breaking the law". Are we then to assume that "YOU" get to choose which Public Officials get the free pass???? Another fine example of your hatred for individuals who disagree with you and didn't back down to your intimidation. Kudos to CM Leon & CW Erbrick for NOT being lap dogs to our Mayor and certain seated council members.

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Aug-29-17 10:29 AM

SUGGESTION to The BREEZE. Many individuals are APPAULLED by a response by TWT regarding QUOTE "Public Officials should get a pass when it comes to breaking the law". I would really appreciate if you could pose the following question to the candidates running for our City Government. QUOTE ""Do you believe that Public Officials should get a pass when it comes to BREAKING THE LAW?"" - I would also love for someone to ask that same question during Citizens Input to our current 8 seated council members and watch a certain someone squirm.

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Aug-28-17 8:51 AM

Amazing!!...maybe Hole was chemically impaired when he penned "What part of RACISM don't these crackers understand?" lololol.. It has to be a gag right? lololol.. I mean that's bottom of the IQ barrel racist stupid x 10.. but a riot!! Lololol.. That statement and anticorp's famous "All Republicans want to kill manatees" end quote.. are the two sadly funniest things I've ever had the pleasure to read in this forum. A brain-dead toss-up! lolololol... and drunken public servants should get a free drunk driving pass too??? Poor Hole. lololol.. its all too much!! Poor things. We not only need STRICT voter ID laws to protect our rights but maybe its time for a mandatory three minute common sense/IQ test before you can make your choices in the booth. Poor "truth"

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Aug-27-17 9:52 PM

DOAshrimp - Suggest you check out "Holetruths" response to Aug 25th article under Breaking News, Director of Park Dept to retire after being arrested for having a blood alcohol level 3 times the legal amount & almost hitting a motor cyclist, a jogger, a bicyclist & doing property damage to a parker trailer. TWT response was QUOTE "Public Officials should get a pass when it comes to breaking the law. What the heck, they are Public Officials. Low pay, meager benefits, long hours...YES, there should be some perks for serving the public. It's the least we can do for these hard working public servants." TWT needs help!

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Aug-27-17 8:29 PM

"Holetruth" must be doin the comedy routine?? Drunk? That's hilarious "truth"!!! lololol.. "What part of RACISM don't these -crackers- understand?" OMG!!! LOLOLOL.. Barack O'Sharpton be proud of u!!! Who determines what's to stay up or come down? YOU "truth"?? lololol.. George Soros funded anarchist anti-USA racist hate groups like Black Lives Matter? Next, lets take down and rename every Martin L. King tribute because he was exposed as a known married womanizer? We should have no statues honoring those that lie and degrade women! Its OFFENSIVE!! A lib drove by a statue the other day. He/She's been driving by it for 25 years...Now, suddenly..when they drive by it..their heads and tummies start hurting, and they feel racism creeping in all around them.. Poor things just have to pull over and sob at the injustice from 150 years ago. "Don't these Crackers understand" ?? lololol Poor "truth" that's a riot!!

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Aug-27-17 9:51 AM

Racist icons such as statues, portraits and government property designations, should be removed NOW! What part of RACISM don't these crackers understand? Remove these items NOW!

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Aug-26-17 1:43 PM

It just shows that the leftwing radicals are completely loosing it.

How come this wasn't an issue while we had a black president, well at least half black.

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Aug-26-17 9:41 AM

Taking it down will NOT change history! I'm okay with replacing it with Lee in civilian clothing, but where does it STOP???? They are now looking to change street names, school names etc. EXAMPLE: Just look at the Asian reporter who was taken off a job because his name was Robert Lee. REALLY!!!!!!

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Aug-26-17 7:43 AM

Take down the picture and any others like it.Then klet's re-name the county -- Barack Obama county would be nice, but not popular ! !

Place such important historical items in a Museum of Modern Politics, along with those of the many other shameful villains of the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st century.

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