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What do you think of the P&Z vote on the proposed land use change for the old golf course site?

  1. I agree with it, the land use should remain parks and recreational use.
  2. I disagree. The land is zoned for single-family residential and the land use should match the zoning.
  3. It doesn’t matter, it will come down to how Council votes.
  4. If the neighbors want a park, let them buy it. Otherwise, let the owners develop it. It’s that simple.
  5. The city should buy it and put this issue to rest.
  6. Other.
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Jun-16-17 8:52 PM

****! Thank you for proving my statement to be true...

"RetiredInParadise Jun-16-17 8:56 AM

...It is about providing the SE Cape with recreation land..."

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Jun-16-17 12:29 PM

In the event any of you know Cape Coral history you will agree with these facts: 1) The City has spent over 100 million dollars acquiring "Festival Park" land way up north off Wilmington Pkwy. Over 400 acres total, the acquisition's have been ongoing since 2003. There remains 100 residential properties to acquire for a complete assemblage. Approximate cost still to come 2-3 million more if they buy them soon. There is your "green space". 2) In 2014 the rocket scientists on council Voted and directed City staff to seek developers for the old golf course. Now that there is a willing buyer and apparently a willing seller. The land use change is all that is required to complete the development PDP application. 3) If you don't understand a Burt Harris claim you need to. It could cost taxpayers a whole bunch of money, 50-75 million if council now back tracks on what they voted for in 2014.

Wish it wasn't fact but it is.

Burt Harris claim can add another 5 million in li

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Jun-16-17 8:56 AM

Once this land is lost it is gone forever. This is not about the abutters. It is about providing the SE Cape with recreation land that is sorely needed. It can be a lynchpin for the development of Bimini and downtown. The development will jam our roads, create evacuation challenges and require significant infrastructure while not necessarily providing a significant revenue increase.

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Jun-13-17 7:11 PM

The old golf course issue is nothing but a ploy by the home owners that live in the area surrounding it. They want it to stay parks and rec so that their home values will increase. Call it what you want, I call it greed. That golf course, from it's inception was nothing but a sales gimmick. Golf courses are being shut down all over because less and less people play golf.

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Jun-11-17 2:34 PM

The people in SE CC have learned over the years that what they want will get prioritized over what's good for the whole city. The attitude that they're entitled to have the tax payers foot the bill for a big park is clear.

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Jun-11-17 12:46 PM

Buying this land would be huge expense. I am fairly certain that the majority of people do not want their hard earned money going towards this. In fact, most people probably do not even know where this old golf course is located. This property is privately owned and I find it very pompous that people think they can control what others do with their own property.

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Jun-09-17 1:57 AM

The Court will make the decision, and the taxpayers will pay!

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