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What do you think of Trumpcare?

  1. Pass it.
  2. Still needs work, tweak it.
  3. Worse than what we have — reject it and start over.
  4. Keep Obamacare.
  5. We need a single-payer system.
  6. Other.
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May-18-17 6:46 PM

lwmjr -- " I am NOT saying that American's shouldn't have affordable healthcare, but I have been around long enough to know that, like everything else in life, you get what you pay for ".

If only ! ! !

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May-17-17 12:15 PM

Hey snowflake, someone can't handle the truth!!! Gotta love it! You are instructing Allan to ".. send them to our reps in Congress plus Bernie & Elizabeth". YES, pls do. They are the same individuals who pushed through Obamacare, yet EXEMPTED themselves from the program. WAKEUP and smell the coffee!! I am NOT saying that American's shouldn't have affordable healthcare, but I have been around long enough to know that, like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. You can travel/reach the same destination in both a $10,000 car or a $100,00 car. The only thing that differs is the comfort of the ride.

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May-17-17 10:43 AM

LM, you are talking in circles with no common sense or compassion (a foreign word to you). You are also fear mongering.

Canada has a terrible health care system in your view. So, let's talk about all of the other countries, world wide, who provide health care for their people. In your little, closed, conservative mind, they probably all s*** too.

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May-17-17 10:33 AM

Allenwoll, thank you for the time & effort that you have put into a plan for USA health care. It is a workable plan which is sensible. Make copies & send them to our reps in Congress plus Bernie & Elizabeth. Also send to producers at CNN & MSNBC. Fox's closed minded, cool aid drinking producers wouldn't even look at it & if they did, they'd probably be fired.

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May-17-17 8:52 AM

Allen - Relax!!! Suggest you re-read my comments. My comments were addressed to Repubslie in response to a question he posed directly to me. Two totally different topics. He is talking about Canadian healthcare A/K/A Socialized Medicine & I am responding to his questions on Canadian healthcare as I know several individuals who reside in Canada.

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May-17-17 7:34 AM

lwmjr -- Both you and djrl refuse to answer questions directed to you. . Rather, you speak only of the warped ideas already infected in your minds.

What is "socialized" about the scheme which I have proposed : NO Gov in it ! ! . The Healthcare industry sets its own prices, but they must be CONSISTENT AND DEFENSIBLE.

I have an idea that you have personally NOT consumed much healthcare lately ! ! !

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May-16-17 10:04 PM

cont "why aren't the people demonstrating against it & demanding change" -- Demanding change from who?..The Government!!! The government controls the monopoly the same way our government has generations of families dependent on welfare. Once you give people something, it's very difficult to take it away and it keeps big government in charge. Here in the US we rightly complain about the lack of treatment of our Veterans and the long waiting times. Well if we get socialized medicine here, it will be 100 times worse that the VA waiting times. IMHO, it's disgusting for our Veterans to have to wait for anything. They deserve to be treated a lot better than they were under Obama & I'm confident that the Trump administration will do better for our Veterans.

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May-16-17 9:49 PM

Repubslie - "We also have a lot more doctors." -- Canada had a lot more doctors before Socialize Medicine was implemented. Many doctors retired because they didn't want to work for a fraction of the money. Many moved to the USA and opening practices. How many doctor's do you know that will agree to work for a fraction of the money they are now making???? That's what it will take. The government will only pay a set amount for each surgery, doctor visit etc. We will have a doctor shortage if there is a mass exodus. They will retire and enjoy life. Careful what you wish for.

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May-16-17 9:01 PM

Law, Yes, the USA has more people than Canada. We also have a lot more doctors.

You continue to site isolated cases in Canada. If it is so bad, why aren't the people demonstrating against it & demanding change. They are not clamoring to get what we have. They don't want it.

Both conservative & liberal parties have been in power in all of the 20 plus countries with "socialized" medicine. None of these leaders has repealed it. More countries are providing health care for everyone, not doing away with it or doing it our way.

For some unexplainable reason you don't want others to have what you have. There is nothing more important than compassion.

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May-16-17 4:50 PM

djrl -- Pore li'l feller : Can't read !

My suggestion has NOTHING WHATEVER to do with ANY Dem proposal ! ! ! . It is based on prices which can be defended, NOT just what the wealthy traffic could possibly bear.

Forget your slogans and try to invoke that thing (I know, strange to YOU) called REASON ! ! !

I think that you are BOTH missing my point -- Be careful driving now ! ! !

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May-16-17 9:35 AM

Repubslie - "what would they want it to be replaced with." -- For starters, something that allows them to be seen by doctors within a reasonable amount of time. They are currently waiting 1 year just to be seen by specialist & 2 years for MRI's. These people die before receiving medical care. YES, Canada is great at prescribing drugs to help ease the pain & now that they have a "Pot Head" of a Prime Minister, everyone can grow their own marijuana in their homes for personal usage. They can now get high & sit back & wait for treatment for their medical issues. Might I remind you, Canada's population is substantially less than the USA. One can only imagine the waiting list for doctors here in the USA if we had Socialized Medicine. It's NO secret that wealthy Canadians flock to the USA for medical treatments & surgeries. It's FREE in Canada, so ask yourself WHY they are willing to pay for treatment in the USA??? DUH.. There are good reasons!!!!

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May-15-17 8:13 PM

I'm going by your track record. Eight years ago y'all said O'Bummer care was gonna be wonnerful.

It turned out to be total C.R.A.P. Now ya got summat else even more Wonnerful. Folks aren't buy it,-

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. no one believes.The dems lies any more.

Bin there done that. Wait till the midterm election then Y'all are really gonna get hammered.

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May-15-17 3:29 PM

djrl -- Apparently you have reading comprehension among your problems : Where have I proposed government-operated Socialized HealthCare ? ?

All that I have proposed is a NON-Profit, NON-Gov, NON-Corp entity which takes in money on a keyed-to-income scale and pays-out according to a published scale. . It compares prices for the same care and, with due attention to costs in the local economy where the care is delivered, exposes those who indulge in Predatory HealthCare Pricing. . It also exposes those who deliver poor outcomes for whatever price. . It thus FOSTERS competition rather than suppresses it.

WHERE is that nasty Socialism to be found in this ? ? ?

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May-15-17 11:40 AM

Wolly Wolly Wolly You still haven't figured out that Socialism doesn't work.

You never will so just leave it at that and continue to live in your own socialist dream Utopia. You should think about moving to Venezuela they already have everything you are asking for,= including the socialist government killing of their own people. I guess thats one way to keep healthcare costs down

The rest of the normal people will continue to live in the real world.

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May-15-17 10:12 AM

Lawmajor, I asked you before if your Canadian friends want to repeal their health care and if so, what would they want it to be replaced with. You didn't answer the question.

You criticize "socialized" medical care. Do you criticize the health care in this country with as much vehemence? Maybe you think it is perfect here. Ask the poor. Ask those who have had to declare bankruptcy because of medical bills.

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May-15-17 8:54 AM

Repubslie - You are SADLY mistaken if you believe that Socialized Medicine is the way to go. I received the following from a friend living in a county with Socialized Medicine. QUOTE "I am finished with my urologist and now I have to see a kidney doc because my enzymes are high. I was told that there is a years waiting list." -- YES, a 1 year waiting list to see a kidney doctor!! Do you consider waiting 1 year just to even see a kidney doctor acceptable? This is before receiving any treatment. This year delay results in death and suffering for many. Is this what you really want??? You talk about watching people suffer & ignoring them. How is that any different from what I just described? A prime example of the old expression that "The grass is NOT always greener on the other side". Socialized medicine DOES NOT mean you are seen & cared for rapidly. Au contraire!

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May-14-17 4:22 PM

It has been said, many times before on this site, that insurance companies have no place in health care. Maybe djraal is an insurance salesman. What are you so afraid of djraal?

You can watch people suffer & ignore them or you can pay a little more in taxes. What would Jesus do?

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May-14-17 4:16 PM

djrl -- Polly wanna cracker ? ? ?

You make all sorts of ludicrous, high-flying, baseless claims but not so much as a single word to back them up.

Tell us WHY, *W*H*Y* the scheme that I describe would NOT work well ? It is fiscally sound, covers all reasonable costs.

You WILL NOT back up your criticism because you CAN NOT ! ! !

You are just another typical useless GoPer-Fraud ! ! !

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May-14-17 11:46 AM

Get a free market healthcare system. Those who don't like it (Dem's) are on their own. All they have to do is got to Venezuela for their healthcare. We would like that.

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May-13-17 4:20 PM

Study health care systems world wide. Choose the one which would work the best for us. Implement immediately.

Those who don't want to be included (most Republicans) are on their own.

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May-13-17 3:26 PM

Wooly Wolly Wolly Spoken like a true Socialist. With that method you get the same kind of health care that Cuba/China and the rest of the world has. The serf's get the socialist health care and the rich and government officials from those countries come to the USA for their healthcare. To get the good healthcare we have,- or will have once O'Bummercare is gone.

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May-12-17 6:35 PM

Continued . . .

6. Result : Pay IN = (Item 3) X (Income*)/(50th Percentile Income*) * This is Income AFTER Personal Deduction

7. However, we are NOT done ! ! . We must PUT AN absolute END to Predatory HealthCare Pricing. . WHAT is THAT : Ask Stevan I Weissman.

8. Done (Nt-1.) . . Hey, Conscienceless Ones over there : Come here !

Nt-1. The statisticians will now need to determine whether the sum of all PAY-INs under Items 4. and 6. equals Item 2. . If not, then appropriate PAY-IN adjustments (Up or Down) must be made -- after Item 7 has run its course.

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May-12-17 6:33 PM

HealthCare Financing is EASY ! ! -- IF you have a Conscience ! . For those of you who do NOT have one, kindly go now and sit quietly over there in the corner -- We will call you when we are ready ! !

Here we go :

1. Count number of U S Residents.

2. Tabulate to cost of ALL HealthCare (That is ALL : Medical, Dental Vision, Psychiatric, etc) for the last 12 months.

3. Divide Item(2) by Item (1).

4. Residents whose Annual Income from ALL sources after IRS Personal Deduction is at the 50th percentile PAY-IN an amount equal to Item 3.

5. For all others, the PAY-IN amount is indexed to their Annual Income less IRS Personal Deduction.

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May-12-17 2:13 PM

Get rid of O'bummer care. And no single payer socialist medicine for this country, it *****

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