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What do you think of the Cape's one-day- a-week watering restriction?

  1. It’s fine; it’s an intermitant weather related problem and not a big deal.
  2. It’s OK, but the city needs a permanent solution to irrigation water shortages.
  3. It’s the wrong solution.
  4. The issue isn’t a water shortage, it’s too much use due to non-native landscaping or overwatering.
  5. Other.
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Apr-30-17 12:31 PM

Continued: Now my previous posts calculations do not included the loss of water, from the feeder canal because I do not know the length from the mine to the CC Canal system. Nor does it take in to consideration the loss from seepage in to the soil. WHICH MAKES IT even a greater loss of water.

The individuals that came up with this scam already spent $140,000.00 of our dollars and want to waste $60,000,000.00 more on a project that replaces less water then evaporates everyday.ONE HUNDRED FOURTY THOUSAND DOLLARS wasted that any person with average intelligence and a calculator can figure out that is a bad deal all around.

Why are these people in charge? Why are these people allowed to make any kind of decision to spent our money.

How much longer are the voters going to put up with this.

We should start a recall campaign to recall the entire city council and major. the city manager must be fired immediately. HOW MUCH LONGER WILL THIS INSANITY BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE.

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Apr-30-17 11:59 AM

Here we go again.

COST TO the Tax payer $140,000.00

Now they are adding 8.5 MGD for 48 hrs,- total 17 MGD (Million gallons per day.

Here is the problem.

Average Estimated with of canals 100 Feet, (I think it is more but this is what I am going to use)

Calculation 100 feet times 5280feet (or one mile) = 528,000 sqft times 156 miles (length of fresh water canals on record),- 82,368,000 sqft. Evaporation rate of water per some university study is 1/4 inch per day. Now 1/4 inch or decimal .0208 feet. OK here goes 82,368,000 Sqft times .0208 Feet = 1,713,254 Cubic feet. or """""12,816,030 Gallons"""""" this much water evaporates daily from the canals.

So they are adding less water to the canal then evaporates everyday. 8,500,000 G, - 12,816,030= -4,316,030 there is still a loss of over 4 million gallons double that for the 48hr period.

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Apr-29-17 7:42 PM

We all get it. There is a drought. Some say the worst in the past 50 years. The citizens are upset because they are now limited to 1 day per week of watering + fear that their lawns will die, as well as their landscaping (which cost some of them pretty big bucks) & the "words of wisdom" aka solution from our CM and councilwoman Stout have been "to place the irrigation water (which was sold to the citizens as being no-cost) on meters", which the citizens will have to pay for and then pay again to have them installed & inspected by "The City". We will no doubt have to hire several new workers to help facilitate this GREAT IDEA of Stout & Szerlag. Suggestion: How about allowing nature to take its course and STOP trying to excite the citizens with hitting them with a new tax/bill or assessment.

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Apr-28-17 6:19 PM

djrl -- What verified facts can you offer to back your claim ?

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Apr-28-17 10:07 AM

The only reason there is a water shortage is that the city is neglecting it's duty to dredge the canals.

They are silting up.

They are not doing their job and they are wasting the money they collect to maintain the canals on other pet projects. like the 2012 land grab.

The lawless behavior by the city must stop.

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