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Should Florida prohibit the smoking of prescribed medical marijuana?

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes. Vape and edible forms should be prohibited as well.
  3. No, voters approved medical marijuana and it was understood the drug is most commonly smoked.
  4. Other.
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May-07-17 6:55 PM

Marijuana contains over 550 active organic compounds. . It can have profound -- and permanent -- negative side effects, even on the unborn. .

There is presently no reliable, direct way of establishing M-intoxication on the roadside.

Agriculture is absolutely NOT a fit way to produce these compounds owing to security and consistency-of-potency issues.

The useful compounds should be standardized and synthesized and sold via medical prescription OUTSIDE of BigPharma under price controls.

The Hucksters will NOT endorse my comments ! ! !

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Apr-27-17 4:44 PM

You think comrade Drumpf is a good idea.

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Apr-26-17 11:01 AM

There are way to get drugs approved to legally use them.

Voting on a drug to use as medical treatment is just plain crazy.

I for one do not want a treatment that was solely approved for use by the "voters" Just look what they voted in in this city.

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Apr-25-17 3:35 PM

Among those opposed to legal marijuana are the beer & liquor industry, the can & bottle industry, the alcohol distribution industry and big pharma. These figure to be big loses if a person can substitute mj for alcohol (which results in empty containers headed for the dump)& over priced pharmacy products.

If a person has a medical problem, which can be remedied with medical marijuana and may be cheaper with fewer side effects, you "do gooders" have no right to say no. The overwhelming majority of voters said & continue to say yes.

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Apr-22-17 7:03 PM

CCDB:Com -- djrl -- Strange ! ! : I agree with you -- Really strange ! !

Yes, VOTERS should have no voice. . This is a medical matter, to be handled by qualified, non-political, non-biased members of the Medical Profession.

Production should be only NON-profit and in the hands of VERY FEW -- to help avoid "leaks" and corruption.

Careful ! ! : Non-profit is NOT always without profit for a few.

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Apr-22-17 6:21 PM

The whole problem is that this "So-called" "Medical drug" was approved by the Voter's.

Since when do "Voter's approve medicines,- there is something wrong here!

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