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What do you think of the recent U.S. bombings?

  1. I support the president’s decisions.
  2. I support the actions but not how the president went about it.
  3. Fine, but what’s next?
  4. I agree with the action in Afghanistan, but not Syria.
  5. agree with the action in Syria, but not Afghanistan
  6. The action was long overdue; we should increase our involvement.
  7. I disagree.
  8. Other.
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Apr-21-17 3:50 PM

djrl -- A PERFECT description of the typical GoPer-Lite Groupie and of yourself ! ! ! . Best you turn-ON the internal head-fan and clear out all that haze ! ! !

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Apr-20-17 3:36 PM

Wolly wolly wolly you don't ever see daylight do you. "Bless you're heart" Wolly but you just don't get it.

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Apr-19-17 1:29 PM

djrl -- Your "Alternative Fact Machine" is (as usual) overheated and smoking : Open a window ! !

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Apr-18-17 9:36 AM

Three people disagree that it's better to let american fighting men and women die then dropping a bomb on ISIS. That folk shows you what is wrong with the left wing loonies

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Apr-17-17 12:10 PM

J71 -- Yeah -- Self-Induced : BY RETHUGLICANS ! ! !

The GoPers know no shame ! ! ! . It is their Hallmark -- or, rather, Shamemark ! ! ! . Tisque ! ! !

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Apr-16-17 10:19 AM

so someone is saying we should bomb Flint Michigan. PS the water problem was self induced bu Flint and state of Michigan. They should pay their own bill for fixing their mess

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Apr-15-17 1:03 PM

100 isis fighters were killed. tunnels were destroyed. Compared to the human cost it was a great decision.

You can not assassinate foreign leaders the is against international law, the bleeding heart liberals (who are not liberal at all) would have a conniption.

It's good to have a leader of the free world again.

He will deal with what O'bummer didn't/refused to do, as in his job.

The dangling Dem's will keep going away every election. VOTE THEM OUT

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Apr-15-17 5:54 AM

lmjr -- In Afghanistan, put yourself in the mind of an ISIS : Would this kind of measure deter you ?

In Syria : Take out al-Assad in one stroke.

ISIS Generally : Find the leaders, eradicate them. . The little guys will flounder without the radical leadership.

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Apr-14-17 9:24 PM

Numbnutz - What did you want him to do? The days of sitting back and throwing hollow threats are over. We finally have someone with a backbone & spine. No more drawing red lines in the sand. ISIS was sitting back and waiting. They have grown in size as we sat back and did nothing. This country can NOT afford to sit back and wait for another attack on US soil.

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Apr-14-17 7:16 PM

That bomb cost 314 million dollars. 36 members of ISIS were killed. That's $8,000,000+ per enemy killed. On the other hand Over 18,000 resident in Flint Michigan have to wait 3 more years to have a $95,000,000 project get finished in order to get uncontaminated drinking water. Republican priorities at their best!!!!!

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Apr-14-17 5:38 PM

Some are saying that the President should have gone to Congress for authorization. Under the war powers act, he was correct in not going to Congress. We all know how loose the lips are in Congress. Go to them and it would be spread all over before a vote could be taken.

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