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Are you happy with the Supreme Court confirmation process?

  1. Yes, it works.
  2. Sometimes, but not this go-around.
  3. No.
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Apr-14-17 7:09 AM

djrl -- Thank you for fully confirming your simplicity and credulousness ! !

You, on the other hand, are NOT pathetic -- Rather, like most of our Mini-GoPers and GoPer-Groupies, you are a serious HAZARD to the well being of the nation and of the world ! ! !

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Apr-13-17 5:09 PM

And here is dangling number two. The state of the world now is entirely do to O'bama's foreign policy failure. And you dam's want to blame This president like I said before Wolly and Liar,-Pathetic.

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Apr-13-17 4:08 PM

djrall, how you would have carried on if President Obama had bombed that Syrian airfield without consulting Congress. Hypocrite. Drumpf flipped his position on NATO and Chinese currency. He said the pipe line would be built with US steel & it isn't. Liar.

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Apr-11-17 11:56 AM

djrl -- You CAN NOT be actually be THIS simple ! ! !

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Apr-10-17 10:25 PM

Since you weren't able to figure it out Wolly,- the pathetic was all your's nobody else's

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Apr-10-17 8:37 PM

djrl -- I have at least to agree with your choice of words, if not their direction.

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Apr-10-17 4:04 PM


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Apr-10-17 3:48 PM

djrl -- Check Vital Signs SOON ! ! !

I think that you are probably losing oil, too ! !

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Apr-09-17 4:48 PM

Your post just proves my point Wolly. It clearly shows the insane desperation of the leftwing nuts. What is really sad is that there are no more moderate Dem's left in this country only the lunatic-frindge Democrat party. Don't worry Donald Trump will make the USA great again.

The world is grateful that there is a leader of the free world again. For the last eight year he (O'Bummer) was MIA

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Apr-09-17 6:54 AM

djrl -- Clue ? ? -- Unfortunately, you are obviously NOT qualified -- in your utterly, numbed, NON-functional non-analytical state -- to make THAT judgment nor much of any other -- except allegiance to your Rightist BigMoney political "betters" who TELL you what to "think" and say.

HOW do THEIR interests EVER actually coincide with YOURS ? ?

MY-O-My ! ! ! . How saaaaaaaad the Li'l Righties are ! ! !

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Apr-08-17 9:22 PM

This describes O'Bummer to the T. :a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.:

We just got rid of the OLIGARCH Barak Obama on Jan 20. 2017

The problem with you Wolly is that you don't have a clue.

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Apr-08-17 9:17 PM

Hopefully The President will be able to appoint three more judges to the Supreme court. There are three more getting ready to retire. y'all can dis agree all you want. But we are going to keep the leftwing activist judges off the bench.

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Apr-08-17 1:42 PM

djrl -- NEWS for YOU & YOURS ! ! !

The U S Constitution begins :

"We the PEOPLE . . . "


"We the OLIGARCHY . . . "

Do they give you free membership for writing your nutty opinions ? ? ?

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Apr-07-17 4:05 PM

The Dem's will never be happy when a judge is appointed that will up hold the constitution.

They only want liberal activist judges to change everything to their twisted way of trying to change the world.

Not going to happen

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