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Should the city of Cape Coral pursue the construction of a reservoir?

  1. Yes, it would help provide irrigation water in the dry season while helping to mitigate regional flooding.
  2. Maybe, but not unless the state and Lee and Charlotte counties contribute their fair share of the cost.
  3. No, spending an estimated $32-$38 million so people can water their lawns more often is ridiculous.
  4. Other.
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Apr-17-17 12:14 PM

djrl & lmjr -- Best you check out what will happen at low water should the canals be dredged deeper : Maybe nothing, but best you check -- I know, THAT is asking a lot of GoPers -- To seek FACT ! ! . Better just go with the emotion, No ? ?

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Mar-26-17 12:43 PM

djraal posted an excellent question. Why hasn't our government been dredging our canals to allow more rain water to be stored???

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Mar-26-17 12:32 PM

The land grab happened in 2012, if the money was used to dredge the canals for the last 5 yrs which adds up to over $60,000,000.00 from 2012 to 2016. we would not have a water problem now. Question is WHERE IS THE MONEY. They certainly didn't use it one stormwater improvement / dredging the canals.

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Mar-26-17 12:23 PM

I know it's a long post but bear with me.

The money they collect as stormwater management fee's was over $12,000,000.00 some years ago (when they stole the money for their land grab) it's more now cause it goes up every year. That is the money "They" are supposed to use to dredge the canals and since "They" don't use it for that they should have used it all along to increase the depth of the canals and our water storage situation would be a lot better.

But No "they" don't use the money as intended they use it as fun money for the cities pet projects.

What I want to know is where does the money disappear too.

Don't let those clowns build a new reservoir and use it as an excuse for more assessments (fun Money), that in turn will get wasted on their pet projects which in turn will end up as an other disaster.

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Mar-26-17 12:11 PM

Here is what I would like to know.

1. Why do they need to build a new reservoir. This is just an other brilliant idea from the city dingalings to waste money and add an other assessment to your water bill. That is what this is all about.

Let me correct my statement that they have to build it,- I mean they got to fix the one that we already have.

The canals are our "reservoir". All they (see dingalings) have to do is dredge the canals and make them deeper and guess what we have more water storage capacity. No here goes, if the average canal with is 100 feet (which I'm sure it is wider) and they dredge it 6 feet lower then it is now, and you multiply it by one mile (5280 feet) you get a storage capacity of 3,168,000 cubic feet of water. Now multiply that by the length of the freshwater canals of cape Coral 156 miles is the number I found. Then you have 494,208,000 cubic feet of water or 3,696,932,571 gallons of added storage capacity.

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Mar-24-17 2:07 PM

Or better yet hire the Trump boy's and girl they'll get it done cheaper and on time.

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Mar-24-17 2:06 PM

This is not a choice they have to build it. There is no water now and Cape Crappy is only half built. Build it now, as long as the bidding process is handled by a third party, I don't trust the clowns at city -hall, they'll just funnel the money to one of the cronies.

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