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Should President Trump release his tax records?

  1. Yes.
  2. Don’t care
  3. No.
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Mar-27-17 8:39 PM

Socialism is bigly BAD (Esp to the Oligarchy), but -- What's a little treason, long's its "All in the Family" ? ?

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Mar-22-17 2:21 PM

When comrade drumpf is taken to court for colluding with a foreign enemy, an attorney or a judge can access his personal financial documents, including current & previous tax returns.

We can also discuss drumpf's charitable organization which is one of the many reasons why he will end up in court. LOCK HIM UP.

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Mar-22-17 11:00 AM


You should be demanding all of the chiton foundations records there is the real collusion with the enemy.

Where did the billions go other then in the chiton's and their cronies pockets.

The tax forms are private and no one should release theirs for any reason.

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Mar-21-17 9:24 PM

If 40% don't care & another 20% say "no" then it is very clear where this country is headed.

His tax returns would show whether or not he has colluded with the enemy --Russia. If you don't think that this is important & possibly treasonous, there is no hope for this republic.

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Mar-17-17 6:02 PM

Russian oligarch giving him a $50 million dollar profit on a tear down in palm beach suggest many Russian connections. Any reasonable American expects transparency from our elected officials. Michael Flynn, need I say more.

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Mar-17-17 12:23 PM

These days with identity theft running ramped anyone that makes any personal information public is a fool. That's all the dem's are worried about, how about start working about well being of the people that are here legally instead of all the other garbage. The democrat party is dying it will not survive O'bummer, Schumer (who 30 % of Dems don't know who he is) and Pelosi (total nut job). Dingdong the dem's are dead.

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