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What do you think about the city budgeting up to $138,000 for a project manager for the Bimini Basin area?

  1. It’s about time; glad to see it, hope it’s money well spent.
  2. The expenditure is premature. I would have liked to see a proposal actually come forward first.
  3. The majority landowners should fund the expense of development exploration, not city taxpayers.
  4. The city should not be involved.
  5. Other.
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Feb-03-17 7:28 AM

I don't trust Marni as far as I can throw her. Which one of her "friends with benefits" is going to get the $138K?

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Jan-29-17 11:08 AM

The last time they were going to draw people there they wasted $42,000.00 on a """Beach""" total crap now they are going to waste more money and it will still be crap. These people that are for this should look up "Einstein's" definition of INSANITY. Cause that is exactly what they are INSANE.

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Jan-27-17 1:29 PM

It's a nice looking concept, but a bad location. It will probably not draw enough people to support it, and it will be a half-empty eyesore before long with a few thrift shops, a dive bar and a smattering of non-retail offices to fill the space when they find that the types of businesses they wanted aren't interested.

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Jan-27-17 12:50 PM

cont'd. - Council has wasted thousand of tax payer dollars on this issue that could have been better spent on road repairs, sidewalks, lighting as well as the hiring of more police officers. Crime has increased in the Cape as well as drug use and we need to fight it now before it gets out of hand.

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Jan-27-17 12:47 PM

It's very easy for Marni to spend other peoples money. Make her "gravy train" end this November. VOTE her OUT, as well as any other council members who refuse to listen to their constituents and the residents of Cape Coral. Example: The resurfacing of "extending bar hours for 2 downtown bars" is the gift that keeps on giving!!! Voted down twice already & ready to come back for yet ANOTHER vote because certain members of council who frequent the place, have thrown parties at 1 of the bars & with 3 current members of council having received $1K plus in previous campaign donations. Sawicki & Leon are hoping to get re-elected by bar patrons and therefore will do everything in their power (with the help of Carioscia) to cram this down our throats. They CAN NOT & WILL NOT take no for an answer. The residents voices are falling on deaf ears! How many times is this issue going to be permitted to come up for vote. Council has wasted thousand of tax payers d

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Jan-26-17 9:17 PM

Isn't this more than the police chief or city manager or school superintendent? Amazing that they are spending this much without a project. I hope the mayor is happy with wasting taxpayer dollars on her folly.

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Jan-26-17 8:13 PM

$138,000 for a Project Manager when we DON'T have a project!!! This is the way this City operates under a mayor who will do anything to forward her "Pet Project". Get out & vote in November. If you feel that this mayor & council are NOT listening to you, vote them OUT this November.

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