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What do you think of president-elect Donald’s Trump’s proposed appointees?

  1. It looks like he’s putting together a pretty good slate.
  2. Some I like; on others I think he could do better.
  3. I don’t like the selections at all.
  4. It’s his choice. Let him decide who can best serve.
  5. Other.
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Dec-08-16 9:35 AM

Poor Pugslie...hiding back and way under the safety of its big yellow rock of ignorance and hypocrisy.

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Dec-07-16 8:08 AM

Repugslie...SO is that why u voted for a serial Rapist? TWICE?...A Rapist and Serial Molester named Bill Clinton? Just because he had a D after his name? Now since you cowardly run from any questions exposing your amazing libby ignorance and obvious mental condition (like the question below that you've oh sooo cowardly run from for over a year now and continue to, as proven here)...maybe u can answer this new one using your very small, extremely hypocritical, and vulgar mind. Go Pugslie Go! Why Did u support a --proven-- DEMOCRAT RAPIST CLINTON yet now make super stupid comments about Trump that may/or may not have touched someone 20 years ago? Tell us all Democrat Rapist Supporter Repugslie the Ultimate Democrat Hypocrite. Go!

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Dec-06-16 9:22 PM

The majority of people did not vote for the piece of s***. If he'd grabbed your wife's, daughter's, mother's, etc. pus**, you'd still have voted for the turd because he had an R after his name.

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Dec-06-16 5:50 PM

Lock up Repugslie... County disgrace. Repugslie why did u support a serial lyin criminal like HillyGal Clinton for President that took millions upon millions from countries that deny women's, children's, and gay rights? While she pretended to be for these rights?? The ultimate serial lyin hypocrite HillyGal resting in the toilet where she belongs. Pubslide how do u explain ur support for glaring and total hypocrisy?? Tell EVERYONE Repugslie!! Go You're on!! Show everyone you're not just another libby Demonkrat hypocrite and fool. Go! BTW The Clinton Crime Family is now giving speeches for 300 bucks...and no one cares...Good!! lololol Go Pugs!!

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Dec-05-16 10:24 AM

I hope y'all keep it up for the next two years, it will ensure that Mr. Trump has an even bigger majority in the senate and house. You dingalings don't learn the easy way so you'll have to learn the hard way. Dem's what a bunch of crackpots.

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Dec-04-16 10:41 AM

There are at least 74 law suits still out against the turd. Is he innocent in all 74? Lock him up.

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Dec-03-16 7:38 PM

DJ HOW DARE YOU!! You know the TRUTH is hurtful to sick sad libs.. After their collective thumping by the Trumpster its time they let go their ankles, pulled up their pants, and get onboard the Trump Train!!!!! YIPPPEEEE!!! Now we have to get the minorities de-conditioned and adjusted to the Truth about the Democrats.. The True historical and present day party of the KKK and Racism. Black cultures greatest enemy is a "friendly" White Democrat handing out freebies. The sooner minorities wake up to this fact the better for -all- in this great Nation. We are starting to see some progress as lots of minorities woke up and helped put Lyin HillyFilth in the toilet where she belongs. Now if we could only get all three members of The Clinton Crime Family in prison where they rightly belong..right next to Barack O'Sharpton...justice would finally be served.

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Dec-03-16 9:29 AM

Typical of the left wing nuts. accusing the right of what the left is doing. what short memories they have. A quick look back in history will show you that the Democrat Party is the culprit for slavery, racism and the KKK. It's all there for anyone to see. The republicans put an end to it, i.e. "the Party of Lincoln" The dem's are the wolves in sheep clothing y'all are exposed you can no longer hide

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Dec-03-16 8:57 AM

Bend over numybrain and hypocrite coward both got TRUMPED!! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!! lololol...

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Dec-02-16 4:09 PM

The Trumpet Daffodil is behaving EXACTLY as should be expected given his persona : Radical, Irrational and worse ! ! ! .

This obviously goes over well with most Cape Coralians, poor lost souls as they mostly are.

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Dec-02-16 4:06 PM

70% lobbyists, 10% racists, 10% Alt- right (Nazi's) and the rest are a mix of conspiracy theorists, science deniers and religious nuts. Pretty much a representative of the Republican base. Bend over America!

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