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Are you happy with the results of the presidential race?

  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. It doesn’t matter, the voters have spoken.
  4. Other.
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Nov-16-16 9:58 AM

We've been worried about the nation for 8 years. We no longer have to worry

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Nov-16-16 9:15 AM


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Nov-15-16 6:56 PM

djr -- Trump is, yes, bad enough -- But it is impaired Trump Supporters -- like you & Crusty -- that I fear the most for the future of this nation ! ! !

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Nov-15-16 1:25 PM

“BELIEVE ME” was a mantra Trump used for 1-1/2 years. And people DID. Now, BELIEVE ME! you will have to live with the*****that’s sure to come. All I will say when you are all whining is: I DIDN’T VOTE FOR HIM”!

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Nov-13-16 12:50 PM

ALLNUT I am very well thank you. Bless your heart for asking. Mr Trump will do great things for everyone in this country. Dem's are the one's that totally screwed up with their inane progressive policies and picking Billary to succeed Obama. 8 years people had enough of this crap, it will be a long time before the left-wing nuts are in charge again, maybe never. All the things that you people are accusing the Trump supporters of is actually perpetrated by you Left-wing nut's. no an other point, has anybody noticed that all the left-wing nut's are threatening to move to Canada, not a single one is moving to Mexico. I hope Canada ships all of you to Mexico, good riddance to bad rubbish

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Nov-13-16 8:33 AM

Below we have the coward lib allenwoolywannabe adding nothing to the conversation..again..don't agree Lil wooly coward?? then tell him why he's wrong(YOU CAN'T BECAUSE HE's RIGHT)any senile yellow lying lib fool like you that's still in shock over the destruction of Crazy Bernie (By HillyGal)and the serial lying filth Deb Bigmouth Schultz - The Death of The Criminal Clintons - The end of the Barack O'Sharpton Criminal Racist Regime, and even finer - The total beheading of the New Demoncratsocialist Party, all in just a few months...can cowardly sideline snipe. Gut up -MY- Lil woolyBoy. Time grows short out at Shady Acres. Imagine the freedom, just once in your life, rising from the repulsive libby ooze, standing tall and actually defending your bizarre beliefs, wrong as they are..instead of the name allenwoolyboy being know only for running, ducking, 1st grade sound effects, and libby yellow dodging? Just never had the sand..never will.

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Nov-12-16 4:09 PM

djr -- Overconsumption of GoPer-Aide is WELL-KNOWN to cause marked deterioration in both amount and function of the gray-matter, as has obviously occurred in your case -- alas -- also in many others ! ! ! .

Please try to heal -- even under the forthcoming most difficult and trying of circumstances ! ! ! .

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Nov-12-16 3:44 PM

The reason why the country is the shape it is in is precisely because the "inmates have been running the asylum" for the last eight years. Then y'all wanted a total crook for president, the are no more corrupt individuals in this country then the Clinton's.

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Nov-12-16 2:18 PM

The old question : "What happens when the Inmates run the Asylum" is about to be answered ! ! . .

In fact, Ole Crusty just below has ALREADY provided a really "fine" answer ! ! ! .

Hang On ! ! ! . Oh, HANG ON ! ! ! -- Very, VERY TIGHTLY ! ! ! .

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Nov-11-16 9:49 AM

The long nightmare is finally over. Time to celebrate.

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