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Are annual “assessments” for things like fire services an appropriate answer to any lack in property tax revenue?

  1. Yes, if to maintain level of service.
  2. Maybe, depending on the amount and any related reduction in the property tax rate.
  3. No, it’s an end run around the property tax cap and Save Our Homes.
  4. I’m not affected.
  5. Other.
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Aug-27-14 9:56 PM

I am really worn out with the mess of elected officials we keep getting here. I hope the next election will result in an improvement. I have no confidence in the crew we have running the city now.

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Aug-27-14 4:39 AM

If you have even the teeniest bit of confidence in this mayor/council, just spend a few minutes on Monday evening watching the weekly meeting. I thought the last bunch was scary, but the level of ignorance and incompetence of the current group is truly amazing, even for Cape Coral. God help us.

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Aug-25-14 11:33 PM

Sorry John I left off $100,000 of your pension. I looked it up on the Santa Monika dispatch which told about your JACKPOT it is $12,000 a month or $148,000 a year. Gee with you in the crowd coming from a community where the average home is valued at over $900,000 a copy you just know it all about running a police depth. I suppose that is why you are here? Like I stated Big Fish in a Small pond! Listening to your advise will put more people out of their homes. John they need you in Palm Beach!

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Aug-25-14 10:52 PM

Tonight I suggest not listening to former policeman John "Jackpot" Meihle who with 3 other cashed out the big bucks in Santa Monica, Ca. John's $48,000 plus a year pension makes him a big fish in a small pond. Santa Monica Lalas land of the really out of touch that is why he is here.

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Aug-25-14 10:46 PM

To better disclose the absurdity of the management of this city and the audacity of its unions. Tonight the police representative from the PBO stands at the podium looking for a raise which they deserve. However he tries to sell it with there city has an officer "on food stamps. He had my attention up till then. The next meeting residents should come in who were not carried over the 6 years, given there $800 a year uniform allotment, have the ability to work overtime (and there was overtime in that depth.), work extra details paid by the private sector, have the ability to have a vehicle and the ability to have a 1 car household instead of most that have to have 2. Another thing there is turnover in EVERY DEARTMENT in the United States every year. 5% ave.

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Aug-25-14 8:17 PM

I would like to opt out of any fire protection at all. I'm paying for insurance to cover a house fire, and there are better options for ambulance than the fire department. Will there ever be an end to circumventing the save our homes program if this fire surcharge flies. You could pick any item out of the budget that home taxes pay for and just decide to add it as a separate tax, making the 3% increase limitation meaningless.

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Aug-25-14 11:46 AM

TRowth you really think that giving more money to the city of CAPER CORAL IS GOING TO HELP ANYONE. The money is just going to disappear In to their pensions funds and raises. If the fire department can't make it to a house fire now at the level they are getting paid then giving them more money isn't going to do anything. There is a much bigger problem then money here, the city is trying to get as much money as possible because they wasted it all and are going broke. THey have been living too high on the hog and they expect the tax payers to bail them out. If you gave them 50 billion dollars to day they would want more next year, greedy government is not going to solve anything. Look at France they raised their taxes over 100% and they are still going broke. This city must be stopped, the taxing and assessing authority must be returned to the taxpayers. The 8 clowns aren't smart enough to run this city and the previous one's haven't either or the place wouldn't be in the hole its in.

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Aug-24-14 5:55 PM

TROWTH we have 3 pieces of equipment to send to every single call. In fact, 72% are the medical emergency calls. That equates to a lot of personnel, fuel, wear and tear on equipment. It has not even been mentioned once by the Cape Brain(less) trust to the unenquiring media that we purchased over a year ago a software program for over $1 million not counting the built in yearly expense of updates and maintenance to control traffic lights to reduce response time. Cape Coral equals never enough money to provide too much service to too few people in an over sized sandbox.

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Aug-24-14 12:16 PM

Hope the idiots who don't vote for this realize that their ISO rating is going to cause them to pay more for insurance. Never mind the critical time response if you are dying and they don't have a truck and medics to send.

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Aug-23-14 11:45 AM

Now, Now folks. We all knew this would take place with the results of the last election. There was hope for the Dist 6 member but that has proven to be a useless hope too. 71% do not support this end run according to the poll, THEN HOW COME only 15% voted. Wake up sheep, the unions and police state will be loading box cars soon.

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Aug-22-14 2:44 PM

64% Well it looks like Cape Coral property owners a finally Getting wise to what the CAPER CORAL CITY COUNCIL IS DOING. Taxing and assessing authority must be remove from the CCCC and returned to the citizens of Cape Coral, The 8 clowns at city-hall are completely incompetent and only interested in squeezing more money from the tax payers.

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Aug-22-14 10:46 AM

Adding more fees to the non advalorem taxes that can not be deducted an individual taxpayer's Federal Income Tax to aid in a potential tax rebate is the key to this film flam.

The Cape Coral city council also gets to show the state of Florida it is within the 10 mil rule of real estate taxation.

The city then receives the benefit to not have to sensibly budget within the confines of the law like most municipalities. Gives it the right to tax beyond what it should ethically tax and at the same time go out to BORROW more money inflating further the tax burden on the taxpayers.

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