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Are you having any difficulties with the new health care web site?

  1. Yes, I can’t get on.
  2. No, I was able to use the site without difficulty.
  3. I had some problems but managed to get on.
  4. I haven’t tried to use it yet but plan to.
  5. I have no plans to either use it or participate.
  6. I have insurance; I have no need to try it.
  7. Other.
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Nov-01-13 12:20 PM

found one of the companion website that have the rates lowest for 60 yr was $600 with a $6100 deductible hardly afordable

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Nov-01-13 3:17 PM

Just got my notice from Blue Cross..."Due to the Affordable Care Shakedown Act your plan will cease at the end of the year" Gee Thanks, Barry Baby! Always remember the words of King Obama as time and time again, all across this country, month after month, as he looked at us and lied, over and over; "If u like your plan, you can keep it". "Period!" "You won't have to worry about that no matter what the Republicans tell you" A whole Socialist administration run on lies and character destruction backed by 90% of the national news media and an admininstration spying on every word we say or type. 3 years, almost a billion TAX dollars, and a total flop. That’s just the website. Now this same bunch is going to run your health care? The harm this "man" is doing to our country and society is nearly irreparable. The final act of destruction will be instant citizenship granted to 11-25 million illegal’s and FULL bennies on the backs of what left

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Nov-01-13 3:28 PM

of taxpaying Americans. This will finally break the economy and then Mr Soros and his puppet Obummer can finally party over the downfall of America... which has always been the goal. These 25 million new DemoSocialist voters will continue the liberal destruction of the USA under another Soros puppet, Benghazi Clinton. Bye Bye Ms. American Pie, Hello, third world America...

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Nov-01-13 6:59 PM

DOA turn off Faux news, quit eating cheeto's for breakfast and get out of your mom's basement! The cumulative affect of that life style on your brain is stunningly obvious.

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Nov-02-13 8:52 AM

Mr numbnutz..Congrats on making my point so perfectly - A+++!! can't fight truth or facts? A record of total failure and incompetence? What's left? Call em names! Make up lies, repeat them often enough on the obumo news networks, the view, and letterman and pray the -stupid- buy into it..and toss in a free obumophone for good measure. ObumO 101 - National Disgrace. Thanks Numb! Perfect.

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Nov-02-13 9:09 AM

Yep jr4623..Blue Cross said my 92 dollar a month plan (sm plan just to cover med.) will stop due to The Unaffordable Health Care Shakedown Act...BUT.."They can continue my coverage for 691.79 a month" Just a mere 599.79 dollar a month increase! Jr-know how to tell when obumo is lying? It's totally fool proof and 100% accurate..Watch his mouth..if its moving..He's lying!

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Nov-04-13 8:54 PM

Obama is a habitual liar. Like all progressive socialists, lies is all they know.

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Nov-04-13 8:57 PM

There is only one way to describe Obama care,- FUBAR

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