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What do you think of the government shutdown?

  1. It’s politics as usual, who cares.
  2. I’m afraid I will be affected.
  3. They need to compromise before reaching such a point.
  4. I’d rather it continue than have the House cave in on Obamacare.
  5. Other.
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Oct-04-13 9:47 AM

How about and "f" option. The Teapublicans need to quit holding the country hostage.

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Oct-05-13 7:09 PM

I totally agree with numbnutz - where is the "f" option?

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Oct-05-13 10:01 PM

Just a consideration. Reid and Obama are holding the country hostage to a law that was passed in the middle of the night, after many negotiated settlements for votes, instead of negotiating a settlement of alterations to the components of that law to fix and/or delay to fix the problems. This is being done while considering another CR that has nothing to do with a budget that was never passed. All the 'clean' CR that the dems are demanding does is to continue the increased expenses over last years expenses that neither party approved anyway. Truthfully, if this were a business, it would be BK, and perhaps it should be...

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Oct-07-13 8:49 PM

Jail ObumO Reid Pelosi and Holder. National Criminal Disgrace.

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Oct-09-13 7:44 PM

The members of Congress should not get paid for this period. They should feel the same pain the public is facing.

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Oct-10-13 10:03 AM

Most Republicans are not taking any pay during this time while the Punk in the White House closes the peoples monuments to vets, closes the White House, closes OUR parks, yet gives SPECIAL PERMISSION for an immigration rally BY ILLEGAL LAW BREAKING INVADERS on taxpayers land in Washington ??? Isn't it clear yet to even the most stupid among us that this man, raised since birth to hate America, needs to be impeached jailed then deported? How much more of this cancer who has placed himself above the laws of this country, who now with the other CRIMINAL HOLDER, picks and chooses what laws they might or might not enforce to benefit their Socialistic hope and change destruction of America? King Hollywood Obama - National and World Disgrace.

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Oct-10-13 6:06 PM

Mr. CCRider wrote: "...Reid and Obama are holding the country hostage to a law that was passed in the middle of the night..."

"Hostage" is violent word and your analysis is skewed.

Correct me where i am wrong. 1. The ELECTED (by the voters) MEMBERS OF CONGRESS, passed the Afford Care Act(ACA) according to the rules in the Constitution! BTW, time of day for passage of a bill, does not nullify the Bill. 2. The President signed the Bill, according to the Constitution, and it is law. 3. For good measure, the Supreme Court said it was the Law. ACA was created according to the Constitution. The MAJORITY spoke, following the rules, and just because an elite minority doesn't like this law, they have no right or authority to destroy the Constitution. This sets a dangerous precedence.

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Oct-10-13 6:07 PM

Further to Mr. CCRider: Here is the Achilles Heel in the Constitution. All financial appropriation actions must start in the House, and can only be brought to the floor, by the Majority Party who controls the "Speaker of The House". Mr. Boehner has refused to bring the appropriation spending forward. The Republican Party has closed the country!! Here is their argument, the President MADE the "Key Stone -Tea Party- Cops" in Congress DO IT. Now there is a gang that knows how shun their responsibility for their personal behavior and claim "righteous indignation" with a straight face, that others MADE THEM DO IT..

If the Key Stone cops in the House want to change A.C.A., do it through rules of the Constitution. Shutting down the Government is not how law is made in this Country. These constant assaults by an elite, self interested few create uncertainty that drive the ship of state into perilous waters.

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Oct-11-13 10:25 AM

Well, well it looks as if the "common sense!!???" Republicans have seen the error of their ways. The Raphael Cruz types (DOA?)are still in a peyote induced trance with no grip on reality. Can't wait to see how this ends.

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