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What top issue would you like to see the city and county address in joint session first?

  1. Ceitus barrier/North Spreader agreement.
  2. Del Prado extension/I-75 interchange.
  3. Burnt Store rights of way..
  4. Veterans/Skyline overpass.
  5. Interlocal agreements.
  6. Division of toll revenues..
  7. City/county relationship.
  8. Other.
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Jan-26-13 9:03 AM

The council needs to quit recklessly pushing forward a project that forces people to spend money they don’t have. That is the most important issue more many. There are better places to live and my house is on the market so I can find one.

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Jan-28-13 10:04 AM

The first and only thing that need to happen is getting a freeway extension through CC. One of the largest city in the country and has no freeway, totally stupid.

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Jan-29-13 11:34 AM

Clear up first things first...the boat lift. This holds a potential law suit that could cost millions not even considering the years of time to be settled. Even though Lee County is trying to force the city of Cape Coral, Fl to built a boat lift that the state of Florida will not permit due to their scientific findings. In 1982 I recall Frank Mann Sr. being solidly behind the hold up of a bridge which was as obvious as this project. The bridge project was held up over a decade so that certain people would be put in place to reap plenty of money when the TIME moratorium finally fizzled. The County as we see weekly is as uncontrolled as the city of Cape Coral. They both remind me of the kid that is big for his age but has not the finesse to act properly. Hey maybe all parties can come out and make up a statement like the Sheriff, "if it is a federal law I am not going to uphold it." Alice In Wonderland..."Curiouser and curiouser!"

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Jan-29-13 11:45 AM

Oh how can we forget about the 2020 tax the residents of Cape Coral who represent between 24 to 27 percent of Lee County's population and paid to them $577 million or more and had a big fat zero spent here. Let's keep paying them more tax dollars to bail out the friends of our representatives while we pay for parks, scrub jay habitat, and more pieces of land to build a project we may or may not need. Give the taxpayers back the $577 million back or start using it directly for the residents in Cape Coral!

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