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1417 days ago.
by allenwoll

Upright citizen made to Feel like a criminal

I'm a minister for 33yrs. On the 17th after delayed for 3hrs. Was time to board SW Air flight to Pittsburgh. I'm new to flying only 5th. I did procedures early boarding I'm not very able to walk or stand. They announce we are boarding handicap first. There's only 3 I've been exercising so I don't need a chair. I followed chairs down ramp. At Bottom "What are you doing here" I explain I'm handicap too. She barks out! "You go back up the ramp" I thought just needed to explain. But the demand to go up ramp is barked out again or I'm calling police 3x??? I show my pass. She did not care up the ramp or I'm calling police. I asked can you help by going up and scanning it for me? She starts to call police to my surprise. I explain give me a second to get my breath to make it back up. She again barks up the ramp or else. So I go up but 2 steps short. I lean against wall hold out my card! No that's not good! She wants to embarrass. Police come "no fly" no RXs, bre


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When, where, what was the outcome ?

Posted 1417 days ago.

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