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2435 days ago.
by anticorp

Pam Bondi can make cannabis legal for patients

With just the stroke of a pen - Florida Law gives the Attorney General the right, AND the responsibility, to reschedule a drug in light of new evidence. This is an issue having serious consequences for public health and the quality of life for many, many Florida individuals who are afflicted with severely debilitating symptoms that are far better controlled with cannabis than other drugs or substances. Sign the petition here : *******takeaction.realreformact****/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=8248 The fact that 17 states endorse the use of cannabis as medicine clearly shows that cannabis does currently have medical use in the United States and that it is safe under medical supervision. Both are elements that indicate that cannabis does not meet the criteria; therefore, does not belong in Florida Schedule 1. Please support this important step - Sign NOW! Read and Sign the petition here : *******takeaction.realreformact****/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=8248 Copy/


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You’re (CC Breeze) so thoughtful to provide a venue for the local residents to convene and discuss the issues “honestly.” Social media has the potential to replace the public square, and god knows our nation and humanity is in dire straits. Pardon me going on from the Soap Box, but, there doesn’t seem to be anyone clamoring for the mic. The need for such a free forum (proximate to news and opinion page) cannot be over stated. We know money is not speech and corporations are not people. There’s no equal representation by talk radio, TV or news papers that demand payment, beyond exposure to commercial ads. Of course someone must pay the bills… The trend of news papers to demand subscription for access to their “news reporting” screams bias toward the relatively well off. Such a forum can be an off ramp of the masses to your door CC Breeze. Even the most bereft of us can walk into a public library and have his say.

Promote and develop a socioeconomic forum – you will be inundated.

Posted 2435 days ago.

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