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1279 days ago.
by angellily
Andy Rooney

Posts: 1 - The syndicate for Andy Rooney, whose national column appears each Thursday on The Breeze op-ed pages, has announced Mr. Rooney will no longer be providing original columns.

Nationwide Event - Educate the Doctors - Do your part!

Posts: 0 - Nationwide - Oct 15th Show your doctor the scientific proof. Start now - gather the proof - Go to ***********ncbi.nlm.nih.


Posts: 0 - money-v-Currency ***********leegovwatch****/NUKE/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=148&sid=47869e99090f3510b54510f3b1a06554

geo-engineering and chemtrails

Posts: 0 - I've been living and working in the Cape for over ten years now and spend a lot of time outside and began to notice this past January a huge uptick in the numbers of planes emitting white clouds...