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Florida politics

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State Representative Dane Eagle's support for right to carry gun's on campus

Posts: 0 - I support State Representative Dane Eagle's sponsorship for the bill to authorize fire arms on Campus and believe this will reduce crime. Great Job Dane!

350 days ago.
by Francis
Garcinia Cambogia Review Get Rid of Belly Fat, and Boost Your Energy!

Posts: 1 - Garcinia Cambogia Select is a new weight loss supplement created clinically, but holds whole 100 % organic components. Item provides healthier juice of tropical fruits Garcinia Cambogi.

647 days ago.
by anticorp
Pam Bondi can make cannabis legal for patients

Posts: 1 - With just the stroke of a pen - Florida Law gives the Attorney General the right, AND the responsibility, to reschedule a drug in light of new evidenc.

1370 days ago.
by JimArft
What lies ahead for Cape Coral

Posts: 0 - The overall economy continues to sink. Unemployment is up, foreclosures are up, many businesses are on very shaky ground and public employees throughout the U.S.