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Ask Marilyn: Excluding a Son From a Generational Family Photo

Lucille Fusco of Westfield, New Jersey, writes:

Marilyn: When my great-granddaughter got married, a four-generation photo was taken of her, her mother (my granddaughter), her grandmother (my daughter) and myself. Now my great-granddaughter is pregnant with a boy. I had assumed that when he was born, a five-generation photo would be taken. However, her mother (my granddaughter) said that there would have been a photo taken only if the baby was a girl. I've never heard of this. Is she right? Isn't my great-great-grandson going to be the fifth generation of my family?

Marilyn responds:

Apparently, they are focused on a four-, then five-generation photo of females, and that's fine, but they shouldn't miss this marvelous opportunity for a darling photo: one of four generations of women—preferably looking very feminine—with an obviously male baby boy. An imaginative photographer could make the result adorable! I do hope you can convince them to have a photo taken and email me a copy. I'd treasure it!



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