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Everyday Ways to Fit in Fitness

Climb Two Stairs at a Time
You already know to take the stairs instead of the elevator, but climbing two steps at a time is a better mini-workout that tones glutes, thighs, core muscles and even improves balance.

Keep Comfy Shoes Handy
Nothing will make you hail a cab or catch a ride faster than teetering high heels or fancy loafers that pinch your toes. You’ll cover more ground and get in more activity when you have a pair of sneakers or comfy shoes you can slip into.

Watch Your Step
We do so much exercise already just by walking from place to place. Keeping track of how many steps you take by using a pedometer or a fitness-tracking device like the Zip Wireless Activity Tracker ($59.95,, may motivate you to move even more.

Go Out of Your Way
Get off of the bus, subway, or train one stop early and walk to add extra mileage into your day (and burn more calories!).

Give Me Five!
Stand up and take a five-minute walk every hour. Even small movements throughout the day can add up to big results.



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