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Ask Marilyn: Is Marilyn an ENTP Personality Type?

Eva M. in Copenhagen, Denmark, writes:

Marilyn: Several websites say you identify your Myers-Briggs personality type as ENTP. I haven't been able to find a source for that claim anywhere, so I'd like to ask you directly whether it is true.

Marilyn responds:

Nope, it's not true. For example, I'm an introvert. Not that anyone would guess that!

Answer to puzzle from Monday, Dec. 3:

Take one coin from the first pile, two coins from the second pile, three coins from the third pile, and so on, taking fifteen coins from the fifteenth pile and placing them on the scale. If all 120 coins now on the scale weighed 2 grams each, the pile would weigh 240 grams. However, it will instead weigh anywhere from 240.1 grams to 241.5 grams, depending on how many counterfeit coins are on it. If it only weighs 240.1 grams, there's only one counterfeit coin on the scale, so the counterfeit pile is the first one, from which you took one coin. If it instead weighs 240.2 grams, there are two counterfeit coins on the scale, so the counterfeit pile is the second one, from which you took two coins, and so forth.



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