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Foods to stay hydrated in the summer with Heidi Skolnik

Foods to stay hydrated
Since this summer has seen record temperatures in high temperatures across the country, one of the concerns among many adults and parents is how do we stay hydrated besides water. One of the best ways to stay hydrated is through food which consists of 20% of the water we consume on a daily basis. Many people do not know that certain foods actually can help hydration especially in the months where the temperatures rise or drop at alarming levels.?

Fruits and Vegetables actually provide a great alternative source of water that can help people who struggle to have the recommended intake of water each day. We have compiled a list of FIVE items that are alternatives to water. 

This fun summer treat that all ages can enjoy provides a great source of nutrients which are needed to stay hydrated in the very hot months of summer. The great thing about this product is how easy it is to make and also a fun activity for parents who have small children. 

Apple Sauce ( Go-Go Squeez)
One of the very foods to stay hydrated is apple sauce especially a product called Go-Go Squeez. Coming in five flavors (orginal, strawberry, banana, cinnamon and peach) this product is great for children since it comes in pouches and contains  3/4 serving of fruit and only has 60 calories along with being gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free and made with no artificial flavors or preservatives. This is only one of the products of apple sauce currently out there. 

One of the morning standards for breakfast foods also is a great source of nutrients in staying hydrated since it contains 180 ml or 6 oz., of fluid. This product also is a good source of nutrition that helps the body in every shape and form. 

This fruit that is  popular favortie among people around the world also works as a food that can be used in staying hydrated. With 85% of water in this fruit, this makes it  a very simple food that you can take anywhere and also use as a snack. 

Containing 95% of water along with being a  good source of fiber and vitamin, this little vegetable is one of the best foods to eat in the hot months. 

 This traditional breakfast food is a very interesting item that according to Livestrong has 160 ml of water which is more than soup, oranges, or cucumbers and also contains fiber which is good for reducing heart disease. 

This summer soup is a great way to cool down and  also stay hydrated  since the vegetables contain a  high amount of water. 



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