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The new abnormal

June 26, 2020
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Originally masks were about lowering the curve. The curve has successfully been lowered. Now the CDC is lumping positive COVID-19 viral and antibody tests together, combining the numbers could make America's diagnostic testing capabilities and testing rates appear higher than they actually are. Also, this no longer has anything to do with protecting your neighbor. If you or your neighbor are sick, you should stay home. Masks have everything to do with control.

Notice how people wearing masks avoid eye contact and look away as they walk past you in a retail business. We are being conditioned to de-socialize and alienate one another. Now they have changed from "masks" to "face coverings." More nonsense.

These "face coverings" prevent observation of facial expressions so important during speech and the face to face exchange of ideas between humans. For the Politicians these masks are about fear. Fear is a method of control. We are being told to report supposedly offending individuals to the authorities.

This is your new abnormal. With masking most people are now conditioned to wear a mask, in the car, streets, jogging, biking, etc. People are saying that they are going to keep wearing a mask for the next year! Ignorance is bliss. Like Pavlov and his dog, conditioning works wonders.

Lou Walker

Cape Coral



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