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Old and new beauties

April 17, 2020
By H.I. JEAN SHIELDS - Garden Club of Cape Coral ( , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Grocery shopping nowadays is a cumbersome distracting job. Wearing hot rubber or some kind of gloves, carrying a few handiwipes and a grocery list was change enough. Now we healthy shoppers are wearing masks and counting our spaces.

I agree with the grocery stores making each isle a one-way traffic space, except so many people do not know how to read the big arrows pointing go -- THIS WAY.

After avoiding oncoming traffic and timidly going around a stalled cart, which I am not even sure if I am allowed to pass, I am confused. OK, I did well when I decided to just park at end of an isle and walk to where I wanted to be. Not always being in the isle I really wanted to be.

However, not in a hurry, so just another adventure in challenging times.

Not supposed to be in the plant section of the grocery store, however I often find great plants in the grocery store.

Two thing caught my eye, the first was a big white pot full of wide polka dot leaves, no flowers. That turned out to be a begonia. To be more specific a Begonia Maculata. This variegated angel wing-style plant is from South Africa, a family of 1,300 species and hybrids.

Expensive for me, because my porch garden is full. However, the porch is strictly bright light, no direct sun, and I have an old begonia there. So checked out a bright orange slender-looking plant in the back row.

Orange star ornithogalum dubium is a completely new plant to me. Bright indirect light, it can be potted or placed outside in a rock garden setting with sandy or well draining soil. No direct sun.

The string of bright orange, small cupped blooms were just over a foot or so on a slender light green stalk, great price, new plant. Remove old flowers as they fade. Cut out the slender flower stem when flowering done. Leave bulbs in ground or pot. They need rain or watering to keep from drying out the bulbs and the plant will re-bloom again. Any bit of flowering plant fertilizer will work as bulbs re-start.

That's it. Be brave and follow the current rules and survive our virus.

Keep well.

I leave you with a Veterans Day quote; unknown author:

"May you always have love to share, cash to spare, and friends who care."

I am retiring from our Garden Club column friendships.

I have enjoyed many happy years with you all.

H.I. Jean is Past President of the Garden Club of Cape Coral.



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