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Heart to heart

February 14, 2020
By H.I. JEAN SHIELDS - Garden Club of Cape Coral ( , Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Yes, it is that time of year when our world, especially the business part of our world, turns red with large, medium small and tiny red hearts.

We love to laugh at them, sigh over them, mail them and we do a great job of secretly tucking them away in lunch boxes, pockets and quietly placing them about the house or office. It is not fair to leave them unsigned, even stressful, because they are such a special gift of love and happiness.

At least that is what Valentine's Day is supposed to portray. Not really so great when you do not get one, however one can find it in their heart to forgive being forgotten, after all we have been doing this ritual since 1415, the first recorded date of a Valentine being sent. Thank you Count Charles of Orleans.

Tender hearts and Valentines were not the usual theme of the Ancient Romans, who ruled the world by fear and violence. It was a real threat.

One Saint Valentine was murdered because of his tender feelings.

Another Saint Valentine, a bishop, was stirring up problems in his possible power struggle and his insistent preaching of love and romantic celebrations. Claudius 11 beheaded him.

I do wonder if there was a female movement of sorts that maybe helped the continued observance of gifts and love once a year.

Valentine legends became a murky lot of stories over the ages.

Our world cannot claim that love and romance have removed all trace of violence and cruelty, but we really have improved.

We can all be aware of the good and happiness we can spread around for just one day. We do not all have money to buy a dozen roses or an expensive card or trinket, however we do have the ability to smile, a lot, and keep the peace with others.

Some people are huggers some are not.

Enjoy your life and share what you got.

Share a smile, share a garden.

Your world will change.

It just takes awhile.

Happy gardening till we meet again.

H.I. Jean Shields is Past President of the Garden Club of Cape Coral.



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