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Changing times

September 27, 2019
By H.I. JEAN SHIELDS - Garden Club of Cape Coral , Cape Coral Daily Breeze


Happy fall has finally arrived, or autumn as some prefer to call our Southwest Florida cooling period.

Time for a clothing change, veggie and flower gardening changes, lawn care and, hopefully, windy tropical storm changes.

We have a couple months left of hot air and weather warnings, but nothing as excessive as this past summer. Hopefully we will just squeeze by any tropical storms and the need for storm shutters.

It's a good time to get the lawns in a healthy growing period starting the end of September, as the local Fertilizer Ordinance ends. Be wise which kind of fertilizer you use. I am told use 16-4-8 or 6-3-2, with 25% or more of Nitrogen in slow-release form.

There's lots of choices in the markets for new landscaping, and general gardening.

December is coming up so make sure your poinsettias growing out there in the yard scape have been trimmed a bit and fed so it will be all fancy and red for the holidays.

We may be happy without so much rainfall, however growing plants and new landscaping will need to be watered well. I remember last year several households planted palm trees and I did not keep them watered in enough and actually had to replace them. Expensive!

I will need to remember when I plant new tomatoes and peppers I need to be planting them in different locations. Hopefully, the fall crop of the peppers will grow bigger than a ping- pong ball. Cute and tasty, but not really anything to brag about this summer.

Anyone who would like to try their hand at gardening will be able to lease a nice sized garden plot, over at the City Hall gardening area. It's so easy with soil and water system included and a shed full of tools.

I use my own tools but it's nice to know a nice broom is handy when I get messy and wild with my trowel.

I met some nice gardeners this past year, fortunately some who knew more than I did.

I know I will never plant a cabbage, though. There were two there, very, very large. I would have to get someone to take it home for me and have no idea what kind of knife could cut those cabbage heads. Maybe a small ax?

I will also remember to mark my rows of green onions before I start swishing and smoothing out the soil they were planted in. Darn tiny little seeds!

The Garden Center does have a couple of raised beds available right now. October 1 is the date to start a lease. Call Rotary Park (239-549-4606).

Gardening standing up was a nice change for me, I am more willing to be planting any kind of garden than my old body is.

Drive by and see the thatched roofs. The gate will be locked.

Happy gardening till we meet again.

H.I. Jean Shields is Past President of the Garden Club of Cape Coral.



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