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Are we becoming a country of hate?

August 16, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

Another two murderous rampages! The more it happens, the more it happens. Usually the murderer is mentally unstable emotionally or psychotically. The action is triggered by hate. Is America developing a culture of hate?

I saw Candace Owens before a House committee on You Tube. She is a conservative young black woman. She is an outspoken conservative who is often invited to express her views. She endures hate messages, death threats and attempts to keep her from expressing her views. Even in the hearing where fair decorum should prevail, she was treated by the left with hateful and biased comments.

Trump doesn't help the situation. He uses caustic speech, nicknames opponents and tells them to go back from where they came. But Trump didn't start it. Even before he announced his candidacy, Obama and other speakers at the 2011 White House Correspondence Dinner which Trump attended, insulted Trump much of the evening. He has been a marked man by the Democrats and Fake News since he revealed his Republican bent. Today, 90% of Fake News Trump articles are negative. Hate speech pervades our political culture.

Many political junkies do the same. Rather than argue a point, they express hate speech. Even on The Breeze letters to the editor's comment line there are more hate words than words to argue a point. One anonymous participant expresses non-topic specific hate speech every week that could be cut and pasted since each week he uses the same tired hateful expressions.

Hate speech is like a contagious virus. It is usually met with more hate speech. Like the mass murders, the more there are the more there are.

Hate comes from emotion. Arguments come from intellect. Perhaps our country could be given a shot or two of intellect and much of our emotion drained from America's psychotic reservoir.

John A. Benedict

Cape Coral



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