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Aquatic weed a growing problem

August 9, 2019
Cape Coral Daily Breeze

To the editor:

In discussing the issue of Lake Kennedy, and other area lakes, the term "tape grass" came up. The official name of tape grass is "vallisneria Americana." It's a common native aquatic weed in Florida. This is not a blooming plant that adds beauty to the water, it's a weed, and each day it's spreading across more lake surfaces.

Agencies responsible for overseeing the issue of tape grass overrunning our lakes have indicated they will introduce grass-eating carp in the lakes. That probably means carp minnows, not full grown fish. It would probably be many months before the carp minnows are grown and start eating the weeds. The stomach of a carp isn't large, and expecting them to eat enough of this floating weed to improve the problems would probably take many months, or even years, before much impact is noticed. Relying on carp to be a solution to the issue would be similar to a hurricane hitting Cape Coral and our city government offering rolls of Scotch tape to fix the problem.

This issue wasn't addressed the when the weeds first started spreading across our lakes. Now many of our lakes have yellowish brown weeds across a large portion of the lakes, expanding daily. We need a better solution to correct this real, and increasing problem.

Kenny Belford

Cape Coral



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